Stupidity… a global epidemic

So here I am, sitting at my desk at work dealing with people from all over the world. I get to speak with men and women from other countries, and some who have never been outside of the state they were born in and one thing is universal, there are a lot of stupid people in this world. I don’t mean that in a mean way either. I’m not trying to put anyone down for not being highly educated, Lord knows I’m not, I only have a 2 yr degree. But some people just completely lack common sense altogether. Basic knowledge of how to do the simplest tasks, like dial a phone, or even talk on the phone.  I don’t know how many times a day I will answer the phone and the following conversation happens.


Me “Thank you for calling Shippers Choice, how can I help you?”

Them “Fine thanks, and how are you?”

Me (thinking ok, I didn’t ask how you were) “I’m fine thank you, how can I help you?”

Them “I’m good good, thank you for asking.”

Me “That’s great, now how can I help you?”

Them finally telling me they want to find out more about a CDL

Me “Okay, you’d have to speak to a representative, but they are all unavailable at the moment.  Can I get your name and number and have someone call you back or would you rather call back in say about 30 mins?”

Them “Ummm.. so I can’t talk to anyone?”

Me “I’m sorry, but they aren’t available. I can have them call you back if I can get your name and number”

Them “Umm, can you tell me how much it costs?

Me “No, I’m sorry I’m not allowed to give any information, you must speak with a representative.  If I can get your name and number I promise I will have one of them call you back as soon as possible”

Them “Well, I umm… is there someone I can speak with?”


Them “Ok, have them call me back”

Me “Ok.. what is your name?”

Them.. they always give me a number for their name.. and they usually spit it out so fast I can’t get them all..


Now I know this is more of a listening problem and not a stupidity problem, but aren’t they both kinda the same thing?  I mean really.  Has the world evolved to the point that people do not believe they need to listen anymore?  Do we all think we know so much that anything told to us by anyone else is just dribble that will clutter up our minds if we actually listen?  I know this is how my teenager thinks, but I’m finding that grown ups think this way too.

As I stated earlier, I talk to people from all over the globe and to those who were born and raised right here in Va.  This problem affects everyone, from every race, gender, creed doesn’t matter.  Stupidity does not discriminate at all.  The only difference I can find is men tend to not listen because they already think they have figured it all out, women tend to not listen because they think they are boss and what they say is how it is suppose to be.  Now there are some exceptions to every rule.  I’m not saying 100% of people have this problem, but the majority seems to rule here.





Working with al…

Working with all men has been quite the eye opener.  It amazes me how the male species can be so easy to understand.  It’s really rather simple.  You (the male reader) want to be served, you want to be first at everything, you want to be the protector yet you kinda want to be feared.  Now before you get your panties in a wad let me explain.

1) You want to be served.  It’s basic human nature on this one.  From the dawn of time men have been the hunters, the one who supports his families basic needs, food, shelter ect..You work hard (well for the most part) on  obtaining these things so in your mind you deserve to have your wife/gf/mother whatever serve you on many levels.  You still have that internal brain chemical that says “me man, me find food, woman cook it”.  Yes you aren’t as vulgar and brutal as say the caveman was about it, but admit it.. that thinking is still there.  In today’s society both the husband and wife have to work to make it, (unless your one of those lucky women who marry a man who makes 7 figures a year and doesn’t have a greedy vengeance filled ex wife, oh damn.. sorry mind went in another direction there for a moment.. lol)  Sadly though, even with all the advancements women are making and even though it is getting better, the man still makes the majority of the money which makes his job “more important” then hers.  And of course with her work seeming not as valuable as his it really kinda still puts her in 2nd place on the chain of command, which in turns feeds the need to be served.

2) Men have this insane need to be the first at everything.  From the first man she had sex with to being first in line at the store.  Take the sex thing,  I have a friend who of course was not a virgin when she married, I mean really, who is anymore?  Well after years of being with this man they separated but remained friends for the sake of the kids.  Of course he being the “I was her FIRST husband and the FIRST man she loved” he still felt the need to know all her business and whom she was dating and if they were having sex and all.  Well after a heated discussion one day with him she let it out that she had anal sex with a man she had been dating and yes, she enjoyed it.  YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SHE KILLED HIS DOG AND HIS BEST FRIEND ALL THAT SAME TIME..He was furious with her that he was not her “first” anal sex partner!  Now keep in mind they had been divorced for YEARS at this point.  But he still felt like he had/has as he still does some ownership of her as he was her “first” husband.  Another example would be my wonderful yet strange husband Rob.  He got a permanent handicap parking sticker because of his knees that are ruined by the military but yet they won’t repair them.. go figure..  Where we live there is 1 handicapped parking spot in the parking lot in front of our building.  We’ve been there for just over a year now, he’s had the pass for a few months but if someone else is parked there his first comment is.. “I was there first, that’s my parking spot”!  He was not first, and he won’t be the last, but his mind has it that he was in fact the FIRST person to ever park in that spot therefore it is his spot.  He’ll almost get us killed trying to get into spots that he’s deemed are his and he was FIRST.  Another example would be the students who go to school here where I work.  It’s probably close to 97% males that enroll here.  And EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM will bitch at me and scream at me and treat me like crap if I do not put them first on my list to get the best testing dates ect.  It doesn’t matter there’s 40 other students in class with them, nope, they are FIRST and they demand to be scheduled first, talked too first and have their ego’s stroked first and oh do they brood if they don’t feel like they are!  But if I make them feel like they are the first on my list, my how the sugar starts pouring.  Suddenly I’m the greatest woman in the world.

3) Now this one is gonna upset some of y’all, but oh well.  You’ll survive.  You want to be thought of as the great protector in your family.  You want your woman to run to you if she’s scared.  You like it when we scootch up against you a little tighter when the scary movie is on, or when we scream there’s a bug and you have to come rescue us.  And LORD help us all, you men LOVE it when another man is honing in on us and we tell you that it’s upsetting us…You get to puff up and piss all over our surrounding area letting the other male know your the great protector and to leave your woman alone or else!  Ahh, there’s such satisfaction in that for you guys.  That’s right, your woman needed you to protect her.  But what happens when she gets a little stronger, starts handling things on her own?  All of sudden she doesn’t need you as much.  You don’t have to be her “protector” anymore…DANGER.. DANGER WILL men go into that stage that tells you that you must indeed install some kind of fear to her so that she see’s how strong you are and how you can protect her from anything dangerous out there.  I’m not saying beat her up or even threaten her so just relax big boy… I’m saying suddenly your doing more push ups, more weight lifting.  Your pumping up your guns to make her see them better.  Maybe you start saying things like… “Maybe I’ll just come down to your job and have lunch with you”… which trust me, we know you mean “I’m gonna come down there and scope things out for myself and let any man know they need not look in your direction”.  Suddenly there’s a tree stump in the back yard that needs to be yanked out by your bare hands.. A car that needs the engine overhauled.  Something, anything that reminds us Lil ole women how big and strong you are and that we should really be in your good graces or maybe we’ll feel the wrath of your strength.  Or maybe you’ll take your big strong self and leave and then we’ll be all alone in the big bad scary world.. how’d we like that?? huh huh?

Now I’m not trying to make your peacock feathers seem less then fantastic.. I’m just stating the things I see working with and being around all men all the time.  I think it’s funny really.  You men really are simple creatures and it brings to mind a saying I have heard many many times.  A man is either horny or hungry, so if your not having sex with him, you better have a sandwich for him.

A little about me…

So.. I’m finally gonna write a blog.  I’ve been toying with the idea of it for months now.  Just a little way for me to vent, get creative, tell a story, whatever I feel like.  That’s the great thing about blogs, you can write whatever you want, your not forcing anyone to read it so if they don’t like what you are talking about, they can just leave!

I figured a good way to get to know me was to know a few random not so known things about me.  The people who will read this already know a lot about me so why post those boring old facts?  Exactly..

1)  I pick at my toe nails.  It drives my nail lady crazy because I won’t let them grow out.  I can’t stand to have any nail length on my toes.. I know I’m

2)  I have an intense fear of starving to death.  Seeing as how I use to weigh 250+, I was never in danger of this happening..

3)  I find older men extremely sexy, yet I’m married to a younger man.. 🙂

4)  I do kind of fear the Zombie Apocalypses happening.. hey chemical warfare is real people!

5)  I had a short stint of shoplifting when I was a teenager (like 13-14).  Stole a bunch of crap and never got caught, Thank God.

6)  Sometimes I get depressed and go thru the baby sections at stores because honestly I wanted one more baby..(But am thankful for the 2 I was lucky enough to have)

7)  When I get the giggles… I laugh so hard that I find it almost scary because I can’t breath anymore.

8)  Crying gives me migraines, therefore I try very hard to never cry.  I’m finding this one harder and harder to do the older I get.. damn emotionally hormones..

9)  I watched someone overdose and die in front of me when I was a teenager.. he did the same drugs I was getting ready to do!  I’ve always had a guardian angel I think.

10) I like musicals, and would really like one day to go see a Broadway Play..

Okay, so there are 10 random little known facts about me.  Wanna know anything else.. just ask.. 🙂