Knock Knock Knock…


If you knew me, you’d know that I truly believe in the paranormal and the after life.  I know that some people think your crazy if you think that ghosts are real, and even crazier if they find out you’ve seen or talked to or have been touched by one.  Now, I’m not debating the fact that I probably am crazy,(just ask my shrink or husband or children) but it’s not because I’ve done all of the above.  I’ve seen, talked too and been touched by several ghosts, and even a demon.  The demon was scary, in fact I would say it was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life!  Maybe one day I’ll let ya’ll know the story of that.

My first experience with a ghost was 2 days after my dad died.  We didn’t know yet that he was no longer Earthly bound but lying in my bed that night I looked out the window that was directly above me and there was my dad. Except, it wasn’t quite him.  I was only 6 but I knew something was off, and he scared me.  The next day we found out he was dead and had been for 3 days.  Even at that young age, I already knew he was gone so it wasn’t a shock to me. 

My next experience was an Indian, that one scared the shit outta me… then there were more.. I was raised in a house that had it’s own paranormal visitor who did little fun things like change the TV channel back and forth, turn the radio up and down, water faucets on and off (until my mom yelled for him to stop that.. even ghosts listen to mothers).  I’ve felt very uneasy in places, like I was being watched or stalked even.  I’ve felt overjoyed and had tears for no other reason then walking into a room that had that energy to it.  I’ve seen bright yellow lights light up entire rooms and hallways (I wasn’t alone for that one), I’ve seen little girls and evil looking old men.  I didn’t ask to see these things, and I wish I could say I’ve never seen or felt any of this.  It would make my life easier.  But these are the cards I’ve been dealt so I make the best of the hand I’m holding.

The reason I’m writing about this right now is several times in my life I’ve been doing something, laying down, reading, even sleeping and I’ve heard a knock on a door.  Or I should say a door that’s not there.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.. 3 knocks every time, very loud and very distinct.  Almost like it’s a knocking in my head, but it’s not.  It’s always very loud.  Hearing this knock terrifies me.  Every time I’ve ever heard it I’m usually fighting off some spirit who has attached itself to me.  Back in 2007 I heard that knock.  I really didn’t think much of it, even though I had heard it before.  I didn’t piece the puzzle together yet.  I spent the next 2 yrs being harassed and scared in my own home.  The man who attached himself to me was very mean.  My cat would growl at him, she would literally not go in my closet where he would always stand and watch me.  She wouldn’t even sleep on the side of the bed near the closet.  This man made life hell for my kids and me.  Shelby had nightmares constantly and he broke Jonathans stuff.  None of us felt at ease while at home.  After blessing my apartment 3 different times he finally left me alone.  I would sometimes feel like he was trying to get back in but he never did.  Thank God.  When I moved to VA I made a point of standing in my empty apartment the day we left and said out loud “You are not allowed to follow me.  You have no right to be around my family or me.  You are dead and you need to go to the light.  May God protect me and my family from you, Amen”.  He did not follow me.

Last night I laid down in bed and talked to my husband on the phone for a few minutes.  After we said goodnight I laid the phone down on the bed and closed my eyes.  I was not asleep when I heard it. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK……the only thing I could say was “Son of a Bitch!  I cannot deal with this again, your not welcomed here”…. So now we’ll see if the fun begins..




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