So I believe I’m an artist!!

No.. a 5 year old did not paint

When  I was a kid I loved to draw, paint, write poems and short stories.  I believed that I was an artist.  I’ve always thought that I would be a famous author at some point in my life, (and I still believe thats possible).  I am proud to say that I’ve been published a few times in my life, but I haven’t been discovered for my talents as of yet! I took a hiatus from writing and painting for years.  My life as a mom took priority, well that and I my ex husband was nosey and never supportive so why bother?  Fast forward 20 years and in my life with my new husband comes all kinds of stressors.  So my therapist said “why dont you take up painting again to help you relieve some of your stress?”….. I have decided that my works are FANTASTIC… for a 5 year old!  Why can’t I get the pictures in my head out and onto the canvass?  I seriously find my stress level going up as I paint instead of going down!  Maybe I should just stick to writing short stories, or better yet work on that novel I’ve been talking about for years.

BTW… yes, I painted this picture! 🙂


4 thoughts on “So I believe I’m an artist!!

  1. I thiink your paintings are wonderful. And I’m not being bias. This one I thought was especially good. I also think you need to finish that novel. There is also the book me and you started a couple years ago that needs to be finished as well. Yes it’s been killing me we never finished it. LOL

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