We all do it….

The other day my husband and I walked to the daycare to pick up our daughter.  I decided with the great weather we’ve been having that this would be great exercise and a chance for us to spend a little bit of time together.  It’s about a mile and a half there.  As we walked we talked about the day’s happenings.  I told him about the “political” conversation that we had at my job that day and the completely stupid things one of my co-workers said, and how one co-worker kept debating everything the other one would say to the point that the other one could not keep up his end of the conversation at all and ended up leaving the room.  Which I found hysterical because this particular gentleman is very snobbish and is often making comments to the fact that NO ONE is as intelligent there as he is, but yet her couldn’t keep up the convo.  As we walked home we passed a truck sitting at a stop light and the man in it was looking at me.  I made the comment to Rob “What’s he staring at?”.  This made Rob tell me that he had noticed I “Strut” a little more when I know someone is checking me out.  That my shoulders come back a little more, the chest comes out a little more, the stomach gets sucked in a little more, there’s a little more swag to my walk… you get the point.  He also said I had “Strutted” like that while telling of my tale of the day.  I guess I got a little animated with it..lol

None of it at this particular moment was intended but yea, I am guilty. We all are.. we all do it..

Well today at work my co-worker was telling me how when you’ve been married for as long as he has you know what type of person your spouse is attracted too.  That one day he and his wife were walking down the street in Fredericksburg Virginia and he saw a man coming towards them that he KNEW his wife would think was the bomb.  So he just decided to watch what she would do.  He said as soon as she saw him, the shoulders came back, the chest popped out a little more then normal, the tummy sucked in and quite the swing in her hips.  He even told her “You oughta be ashamed of yourself” while giggling.  She acted stupid of course.  The really funny twist to this story was the man gave HIM the smile and “look”, not her.  Which made him laugh even more.

I found it interesting that this man was telling me the same thing about his wife that my husband just told me about me.  Watch for yourself, pay attention to yourself, your spouse, strangers on the street.  Like I said, we all do it…


2 thoughts on “We all do it….

  1. I find it funny too that after I said you were doing it and you fervently denied it that another male said his wife did the exact same thing. Guess I was right after all. LOL

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