OOO OOO That smell!!!

I’m thinking maybe today I should talk about common office courtesy and microwave food etiquette because honestly the smell that is penetrating every single square inch of this building is not a pleasant one.  At first when the noxious fumes invades your nose the first thing you think of is “OMG… is that road kill soup for lunch?”.. but then it becomes a game almost.  Name that smell.. Bob, I can name that smell in 3 sniffs!  After a few more minutes though, it’s not a game anymore.  It’s sickening.  And the sad thing is that now anything that is put into that microwave is going to smell like whatever dead, decaying molded concoction was heated up in there, as that smell has permeated the walls of the oven.  Today’s smell is so bad that I don’t think God himself could wipe it away.  I will never use this microwave again, thank you very much Mr. I eat the most disgusting things and don’t care if you don’t like it or not!!  There should be an unwritten rule.. or hell, write it up and publish it.. ABSOLUTELY no disgusting smelling foods are to be heated and eaten in a public place, unless it’s a restaurant that caters strictly to that because if they do then your already going in knowing it’s going to stink!




One thought on “OOO OOO That smell!!!

  1. I agree, if your food stinks it should not be allowed to be brought in to the workplace and consummed. It should be left at home. That’s like playing your music so loud that everyone else can hear it. What makes you think I want to hear your music? I don’t. And I don’t want to smell your goat soup either.

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