Outta my comfort zone..

So if you’ve been following me then you would know that over the last year, well 11 months I have lost and astounding 81lbs.  That was from my surgery day, May 23, 2011.  My highest recorded weight has me down 117lbs.  Yay me!  When your that much over weight there are a lot of things you don’t do for many reasons, your too heavy, your to self concious, your body just won’t let you do whatever, people make fun of you, the list goes on and on.  You stay in your comfort zone when you have so many things in the world keeping you from stepping out of it, no matter how badly you want too. 


Growing up in Florida, every year at this time I would see my skinny friends buying new bikini’s to wear to Daytona Beach, or poolside.  Oh how I envied them.  I always bought the big ol one piece and a very large shirt to cover up what the suit didn’t.  I wanted more than anything to buy the bikini.  I wanted the body to wear one, but there was NO WAY in hell I would ever wear one.  I didn’t even let myself try one on.  Unlike today when it doesn’t seem to matter to women what size they are when they wear one, but thats a different topic!  Well today I did it.  I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I went to Walmart, oh yes.. I look for people to take a pic of to submit to peopleofwalmart.com when I’m there.  While I was there I thought, why not try one on.  I was kidless, and husbandless.  This wasn’t going to happen again anytime soon.  So I picked up 3 tops and a pair of swim shorts.. (I’m not that brave yet) and made my way to the dressing rooms.  I put the first one on, it was bright pink and blue and yellow and green tankini.  It was cute, but I wanted to try something more daring.  The next was a black one with this shiny rainbow stripe thing that was rather small.  It fit.  It was cute, but not quite me.  So I tried on the last of the tops.  This one was purple with multi-colored hearts on it and little round jewels in the straps.  I giggled as I saw myself in the mirror wearing the bathing suit.  Was that really me? Yes.. yes it was.  I giggled again.


As I made my way to the check out counter my mind raced.  No one in the store could have known the thoughts racing in my head.  I couldn’t believe the treasure I had in my cart.  I just knew I’d talk myself out of it before I made it to the counter, but I didn’t.  I stepped, no ran out of that comfort zone and bought the bikini top!  I smiled the whole way home in anticipation, wanting to show my husband and the world my new bathing suit.  Just like the one I’d always wanted to buy.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


15 thoughts on “Outta my comfort zone..

  1. You deserve every nice thing that comes to you, but you also deserved every nice thing that ever happened to you before. I am following your journey, and your blog. And I wish you the best.

  2. Shannon all that matters is how you feel. I am very proud of you for doing you. You look great and I am sure your hubby will agree. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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