Ok, so today I …

Ok, so today I was lucky enough to witness something that made me laugh and gave me an idea for my blog today. Cell phone etiquette. People desperately need to understand that although it’s great to have a cell phone and use it it’s not great to be obnoxious with it.


Let me tell you my story.  Picture it, Sicily 1925.. oh wait, sorry that was Sophia coming out in me!  Okay, picture this, Target, today.   I stopped by because I wanted to check  out the shoe department.  Which I found NOTHING!!! Oh well, I can’t really afford any right now anyways.  So I wander over to the pet food isle to pick up some food for the kitties when from several isle’s over I hear this really loud woman talking.  Of course I think to myself, “damn woman, shut up already”, but ya’ll know my luck.  She didn’t. In fact she not only got louder she got closer!  Yup, she came down my isle yappin on her cell phone.  “NO, I’M NOT A LIAR AND I DON’T APPRECIATE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR.  WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT CALLING TO GET YOUR CAR FIXED.  THAT MAKES NO SENSE.  NO, YOU NEED TO CALL AND GET IT FIXED IF YOUR GOING TO ACCUSE ME OF LYING’ she says loudly as she walks by.


Oh my ears!  I give her the stink eye as she walks by but of course she’s so into herself she never noticed.  As she cruises around the corner heading to the next isle a man and woman passed her and turned onto the isle  where I was.  They both look at her, then at me.  “Could she be any louder” I asked.  The woman laughs and goes “I know, right?”.. the man I’ve decided is defiantly my kinda peps.  He decides to say “Damn, she’s 3 isle’s over and I can still hear her. ”   Then he goes as loud as he can without screaming, and this is why I liked him so… .””I THINK YOU ARE A DAMN LIAR AND YOU KNOW YOUR NOT GONNA CALL TO GET THAT CAR FIXED SO STOP LYING DAMN IT!!” Both of us girls started laughing.. the woman walked back to our isle and stared at him while still YELLING ON the phone.. it was hysterical.. she says “Yeah this prick is eavesdropping on my conversation”.  Me and the other woman start laughing.  Seriously.  She accused him of eavesdropping on her conversation.  A hearing impaired person a mile away could have heard her conversation!  The man not missing a beat just kept talking really loudly to his gf/wife.. “I THINK WE SHOULD JUST TALK LIKE THIS FROM NOW ON AND ACCUSE PEOPLE OF EAVESDROPPING ON OUR CONVERSATION SO WE CAN LOOK LIKE IDIOTS TOO”… OMG.. WE ARE DYING NOW.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. the rude cell phone talker literally walks off huffily, is that a word?, spouting on her phone how rude some people can be!  As I walked to the front of the store to leave, I could still hear her on her phone.  This woman  would not be a part of my daily life because if she was, I’d have to tell her to STFU, and not so nicely.

So here I am.  Giving a public service announcement.  When your talking on your cell phone I guess you should know that the people near you can hear you, not who your talking too.. Not the other way around! LOL.. go forth good people and spread the knowledge so this doesn’t happen again.


5 thoughts on “Ok, so today I …

  1. Hi,
    OH I like that guys style very well done indeed. 😆

    The amount of conversations I have heard on cell phones I would be rich if I got a dollar each time, only one sided conversations of course, but it is just so annoying more so if you are having lunch with friends near by.

  2. People like. That are obnoxious…of course, usually I only expect that kind of behavior from 16 year old cheerleader attention hounds saying things like “OMG! Did you see that guy? He was soooo hot! And totally into me….” 😉

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