Work Spouses, should you or shouldn’t you?

So I was trying to figure out what to blog about today when I saw a question the radio station I listen too posted on Facebook. 

Are you allowed to talk to your work spouse about problems with your real spouse?


I thought it was a good conversation question so I posted it.  My husband replied “You shouldn’t have one. Not after what happened with mine.”  And it hit me.. this is what I needed to blog about.  Work spouses and whats acceptable.  First though I need to clarify that what happened with my husbands was probably not what you all are thinking.  He did not “cheat” on me with her, but she did use him for personal gain with her own husband throwing mine into the middle of a bunch of crap. I do believe she’s since divorced, witch!  She got what she deserved, but that’s a different topic.. Karma!

So the question is, is it okay to discuss personal issue’s with your spouse to your “work” spouse?  What is acceptable and what is taking it too far? 


So if I had a work spouse, could I come to work and discuss my sex life w/ him?  Or the fact that my husband and I may have been fighting over his stupid ex wife again?  Is this a form of emotional cheating? Or is it simply the case that you feel comfortable talking to this person and you need someone to talk other then your legal spouse.

Personally I think it’s playing with fire.  Your opening up a door that could lead you to the devil himself.  If you must talk to someone about your problems, then talk to your best friend, your sister, your brother.. anyone but that dreaded work spouse.  If you tell them too much your letting them a) weasel their way in to your life at a vulnerable point and b) giving them ammo to stab you in the back with at work.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a work spouse so I’m not real sure on this topic.

What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Work Spouses, should you or shouldn’t you?

  1. You pretty much said it. I agree. No you should not. If you do you may open a door for them to think they can become more than just a work spouse.

  2. I used to have a work husband… We were very good friends & worked amazingly well together. I was probably the only person who could keep him under control. Although we were close, there were some unspoken ground rules. Although we could discuss practically anything, we stayed away from anything pertaining to our current sex lives. We also limited discussions regarding any serious issues with our significant others. Little bickery type arguments were ok, but some things in a marriage should be sacred… No sense in opening that door.

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