Mr. Sandman.. bring me a dream

I recently had surgery and it has taken me quite a bit longer to recover from then I had expected.  In fact I had figured it would be like the surgery before, up and going strong the next day.  Boy was I wrong!  I’ve had so much pain from this one I can’t even begin to tell you.  And when I finally started feeling a little bit better BAM!!! the pain comes back trifold.  Apparently I’ve developed a tumor under one of my incision sites.  I’ve been taking Percocet for the pain, which while it does absolutely nothing for my pain, it does make me loopy and usually sleepy so I don’t have to deal with the pain.  Until recently.  I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks I’ve been waking up several times during the nights.  The last two nights I’ve hardly slept at all.  I thought maybe it was the pain meds so I didn’t take it last night.  I was in decidedly more pain today (not sure if thats from not taking my medication or not).  I have no clue now what’s the driving force behind this insomnia phase I’m going through but I need it to stop.  I’m cranky!  And where I work, cranky isn’t a good thing.  You see I work with all men, and when a woman is cranky she’s automatically PMSing!  So i beg.. please.. MR. SANDMAN BRING ME A DREAM…




2 thoughts on “Mr. Sandman.. bring me a dream

  1. I do hope you can get some sleep too. I have gotten any good sleep myself the past couple days either, I keep waking up. I hope tonight you can get some much needed rest and your not cranky.

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