The Easter Eggnapper

I have said before I work with all men, so I of course when I started decorating my office for holidays I expected to be picked on for it.  I mean they hardly even notice it’s a holiday more or less decorate for it.  So this past Easter I put out an Easter basket with plastic eggs in it (that were empty) and I had a little tree on my desk that I hung cute little glittery eggs from.  I left Saturday at noon and all my eggs (sans the 3 that had been stolen out of the basket) were still there.  I came back Monday morning to find all but 3 of my eggs were left on my tree and only 4 out of the 12 left in the basket.  I was FUMING!  The thought that someone came around into my office and stole something off my desk really upset me.  I don’t bother anyone else’s desk, so how dare they mess with something on mine.  Well I got this in the mail today…


My first thought was… hmm.. they didn’t know my last name.  I figured it was something to do with a test schedule or something… The first thing I see is pictures… Real life printed pictures..


And the next one…


By now I’m already giggling.. it’s my missing eggs..I read the following letter… the tears are rolling down my face as I read it from laughing so hard…


So my poor little eggs have been eggnapped by the Easter Eggnapper… I’m seriously thinking of calling a press conference and letting these heartless monsters know I’m going to offer the $50,000 to the people to turn in who stole my eggs!!!!

This is just classic… I was mad at first.. now I can’t stop giggling..


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