Chocolate covered goodness

Yesterday my co-worker was in my office talking non-stop about stuff I’d really rather not have to endure.  You see he’s an older upper class republican who is wealthy and has littler tolerance for anyone who is poor or struggling.  He doesn’t understand why people don’t work 7 days a week, 15 hours a day like he has his entire life.  I just consider the source when he starts spouting out the crap, but yesterday he was telling a story about his grandson going through tennis shoe’s so quickly which made me think back to my childhood and the one time me and my mother went to Miami by ourselves for my grandma’s retirement party.  I had a pair of Nike tennis shoes that I ADORED!  They were originally just white when I got them but they were so seriously worn out that when she noticed them they were a nice dingy blackish/brownish/whitish color with holes!  Of course my mom freaked out asking if that was the only shoes I brought and when I said yes she said “Well we’ll have to buy you new shoes before the party”… I’m sure I didn’t plan it for that to happen but any reason to get new shoes is a good reason.  I was telling this man how we went shopping and when we passed this candy store in the window was Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE strawberries.  I mean to the point that when we’d go to the Strawberry festival my mom would buy me my own flat because I’d eat them all before we got home!  My eyes glossed over at the sight of these amazing, huge red sweet berries covered in milk chocolate.  Why had I not been told of these things before that point?


I know my mom probably smiled at the look on my face, because I would find myself smiling if my own children have this look on their faces.  She bought me 2 of them and 2 for her.  It was the first time I’d ever had them and they were the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten, (besides my mom’s cooking of course).  Mom bought me new shoes and a new wrap around skirt and a new white shirt that day but the strawberries are what I remembered the most.  At grandma’s party that night I told my Aunt J and Uncle Jeff all about the amazing treat I had that day and that they really needed to try them (because of course I deducted that if I had never had them before then surely these grownups didn’t either!).  To this day chocolate covered strawberries are still one of my most favorite treats in the world and I have often wanted to get a tattoo of one for 2 reasons.. 1) I love them so darn much and 2) The memory of sharing my first one with the woman I loved most in the world comes to my mind every time I see one.


After finishing my story my co-worker simply said, “You have a lot of stories about food, you know that”?  And he’s right I do.  Food was and is a big part of my life.  I still struggle with my addictions on a daily basis and most likely will for the rest of my life.  What I refuse to do is let his remark tarnish my memory of that day.  (He’s the one who has told me I’ll be fat again in a year because I was eating one morning.. apparently I’m never suppose to eat)


4 thoughts on “Chocolate covered goodness

  1. First, this guy sounds like a douchebag. Second, what is notto love about chocolate covered strawberries? Last Valentine’s day hubby got me a box full from edible arrangements and they were fantastic… That guy may have money, but it sounds as though he’s forgotten how to live life. More’s the pity.

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