Date nights

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in just a few short days.  Some days it feels like it’s only been a few short months since we said I do and moved my kids and myself 1500 miles away from everyone they knew and loved to be here in Virginia with him.  Other times it seems like it’s been decades.  This road has been hard, and filled with lots of speed bumps and potholes.  Its’ also been full of love and laughter and learning how to be a blended family and all that entails.


One thing that we’ve tried to maintain as often as possible is “Date Nights”.  For a very long time we couldn’t afford them so we would do something at home like play poker after the kids went to bed, or I’d kick his a** in scrabble.  Just to be able to do something to spend time together other then watching TV or dealing with kids.  When we first started dating I lived in Texas and he was stationed out here in Northern Va, so date nights were in front of the Cam.  He would sing me songs or read me poems.  I would write short stories for him or we would browse websites together and look at dream houses, dream jewelry, dream vacations. 



This past Saturday was a date day and night.  It was a perfect weekend actually.  I worked my normal half-day Saturday, then hurried home to my love.  We told the kids the rules they have to follow when we aren’t home and headed out.  We went to Hard Times Café and played pool and ate some lunch and made fun of the dude with the 1980’s hairstyle and the music the little girl played and forced us to listen too for pretty much the entire time we were there..  We giggled and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Until I got tired of losing at pool, which luckily was about the same time we had to leave for the movie.  We went and saw “The Raven” which is an EXCELLENT movie.  I am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan so it was a real treat to see this movie.  Then it was into the mall for a little bit of shopping, which is always fun. After that it was off to Red Lobster for a late dinner.  We sat and talked and nibbled on our food and was just there, together, alone even though the restaurant was full. 


We got home and ran a hot bubble bath to soak in and take the chill out of my bones that the rain put on me.  He made a drink and joined me in the tub.  We lay there still just enjoying each other’s company, very much in love and feeling like we were the only two people left in the world. 


He works nights so it’s always nice when he’s home and actually sleeps in the same bed with me.   We fell asleep wrapped up in each other, the best way to fall asleep.  He let me sleep in Sunday morning, I got up and made us breakfast.  We spent the day with our daughter running some errands, then home to spend a nice calm evening on the couch watching TV.  It was in fact a perfect weekend.  It had a little bit of everything, family time, alone time, shopping, eating, and movies.  What else can a woman ask for?


3 thoughts on “Date nights

  1. You don’t kick my ass at scrabble, you win on occasion but I do kick your ass at Texas Hold Em’ though hehehe. It was a great weekend and look forward to many more like it. Love you baby and Happy Early Anniversary.

  2. I do kick your ass at scrabble.. just man up and admit it…. Just like I kick your ass at scramble too… and yes you do kick mine at Texas Hold Em’..Happy early anniversary to you too baby

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