Another Haunted Dream



Just by the look of the room, she knew it was a dream. She could never afford to live in such an extravagant place, so beautiful and beautifully decorated. The chandelier hanging in the room was bigger then she’d ever seen. It sparkled like a million diamonds were catching the light from it and sprinkling their beauty over the floor and walls. It mesmerized her for what seemed hours, and had her attention so engrossed she never heard the footsteps behind her. It wasn’t until he rested his hand on her bare shoulder did she even know someone else was in the room with her. Ordinarily this would have sent her straight into the air screaming, but not this time. No, she knew he was going to be there and she was anxiously awaiting his arrival. She turned to see him, her dream lover, the one who haunted her dreams making her feel guilty in her awakened hours but more alive then she’s ever been in her slumbered hours. She always waited for him in her dreams and was always disappointed when she awoke without seeing his face. Why did she crave this imaginary man so badly? He had become a drug to her, one she didn’t want to ever break the habit of. Her reality was not a bad one, she had a family that loved her, a husband who adored her, steady employment, everything she needed in life, but this, him, was something more then a need. It was a deep underlying desire that had to be feed or it would consume her. They stared into each other’s eyes, her soul filling up on the drug it so badly needed. The feel of his hands on her skin sent shivers throughout every inch of her very being, blood rushing to her brain and her nether regions making her feel almost faint. She was getting drunk on him just through his stare, to kiss him would send her over the edge and he knew this. He knew everything she needed without her having to say it. He placed his hands on her neck and kissed her, gently at first then with more passion and desire her tiny frame could handle. Her knee’s weak buckled underneath her, he however did not let her fall. In one easy motion he swooped her up in his arms and pulled her closer to him, his lips never leaving hers. He carried her lovingly and tenderly to the bedroom where he laid her on the bed. Her body shivering with anticipation as he slid his hands across her until he reached the zipper on the dress she wore, slowly pulling it down releasing her bosom. Sliding her arms out of the sleeves the dress was easily pulled off and discarded to the floor. Oh how she wanted, no needed this man. There was no time in teasing tonight, the hunger was overpowering. She pulled him up to her, urgency taking over as she pulled his shirt over his head. Her hands fumbled with the button on his jeans, giving the appearance this was her first time and she was unsure of what to do. He could see and feel the desire overtaking her and he could not stop it this time. Normally he would tease her, play with her sending her into bliss but not tonight. He could see how badly she needed him, needed to feel him inside her. His clothes thrown to the floor in a pile beside hers, he grabbed her legs pulling them up and slid deeply into her. The tears filled her eyes and the emotions of it all took over. Their bodies entwined with the sheets as the got their fill of each other. After what could have been her 4rth or 14th orgasm she collapsed beside him, sweat beading up on her brow and breasts. She was content for the moment and a smile filled her eyes. She knew their time was coming to end and hoped she had gotten enough of him to hold her over until the next time, for she knew there would be a next time, she just didn’t know when. The sun peaked in through the window waking her from her dream lover. Her husband lay beside her snoring gently and the pang of guilt washed over her. Why does she crave this man? Who was he and how did she become so addicted to him? And more importantly, would she ever be able to break his hold over her? She didn’t think so.


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