And I shall call you…..

I work at a CDL training school; I am the only female employee here and usually the only female period, however on occasion we will have a female student or two.  Most of the men will call me Shannon, or Mrs. Shannon (these are the one’s you can tell their mama’s and grandma’s raised them right) but occasionally I get the one’s who must call me sweetheart, or sugar, or shawty.  Now for me I will call you by your name, unless you get under my skin.  Then you get a nickname.  My co-workers have picked up on my cue and realized that the one’s I don’t care for are the one’s who get the nicknames.  It’s really funny when Dave (the self righteous upper class republican who thinks he’s smarter then everyone else) slips up and calls the student by the nickname I gave them. 


Some of the examples are:


Mouth breather – this is self explanatory, he smokes and breaths through his mouth only.


Mr. Clean – he is a short, stout bald man that literally wears a white t-shirt


Smiley –  He literally walks around with an ear to ear grin


Buffalo Bill – a Joe Dirt reference here.. this man stares at you like he wants to make your bones into his windchimes


Hal – (this one is for several) as in Halitosis Hal


The list could go on and on, but I’ll end it here.  I think it’s rather comical when Dave walks up to them and says “How can I help you mouth breather, I mean Jeff”.. hahaha.. It’s hysterical that I rub off on them so much when they are constantly trying to sound like they are more intelligent then I could ever grasp! If only they knew the nicknames I have for them…



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