I know your listening, but do you hear me?



What does it take to make a good listener?  Is it someone who simply “listens” and is able to repeat every word you spoke?  Or is it someone who can tell you everything you said, plus those things you didn’t?  Being married for most of my adult life I can tell you this issue has risen more then once.  Well for that matter more then a hundred times.  Also, being a woman I know that sometimes I will not say 100% word for word what I want, but I do expect my man to know what I’m asking for, yes I know how presumptuous of me.  Fact is though; women have this ability to read between the lines.  We do it all the time, with our spouses, our children, our friends, so why wouldn’t we believe that the person who is suppose to know us the best, the one we are our most venerable and open with not be able to do this with us?


I am myself guilty at times of only listening but not hearing my husband.  I’ll admit it.  But I will say it’s not as often as the other way around.  Life gets in the way sometimes, your mind is boggled down with nine hundred other thoughts and you don’t quite get the “hint” so to speak.  Am I being jaded in thinking that men are the majority on not being able to read between the lines?  I certainly do not want to be one of those angry hate filled women that was scorned by some man 7 yrs ago and still holds that “I hate all men and none can do anything right by me” attitude, (we all know this woman).  So tell me my dear blogger friends.  Is it so hard to read between the lines?  Is it something only women can do?  And lastly, what does make you a good listener?  Is simply being able to repeat what was said enough to qualify as a good listener?



2 thoughts on “I know your listening, but do you hear me?

  1. One cannot hear what one does not say and yes it is unreasonable for a woman to expect a man to read between the lines or in other words read her mind.

    • I agree.. it is unreasonable, but not impossible. Women doe this all the time, and my husband has done it more then once in the past. I feel if someone gives enough “hints” and “innuendos” then it isn’t really hard to read between those lines.

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