Happy Re-Birthday to me! 1 year, 100lbs later…

Happy Re-Birthday to me!  This day has me so full of mixed emotions it’s hard to determine which one wants to be at the forefront.  On May 23, 2011 I had the full RYN Gastric Bypass surgery at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C.

Before my surgery I was subjected to more test then I thought humanely possible.  You have to be poked and prodded in every aspect to determine whether or not you can tolerate such a drastic surgery.  I swear if Aliens came down and abducted me, there is no part of my body they could probe that the doctors I’ve seen over the last 2 years haven’t already done!  I don’t even remember all the test I’ve been through, I think I’ve mentally blocked them.  It took almost a year after I got the green light to have my surgery, (my surgeon was deployed!)


Me and Dr. Lin 2012

Every day is a struggle and an opportunity for me to learn, grow and change.  I do still crave sweets, and sometimes I really wish I could just go have that big ¼ lb hotdog from 7-11 loaded with Chili and Cheese and a bag of chips with a  big gulp of Coke, but I know I can’t do that.  I have to remind myself that eating all of that stuff before (along with genetics) put me on that operating table a year ago.  So I try to make the best food choices with every meal.  Yeah, sometimes I’ll fail and I will eat that whole cookie when I wanted just a bite, but I’m only human.  I’m at least not sitting down with a spoon and half gallon of ice cream anymore.  My new favorite treat is dark chocolate covered walnuts (yummers).

This time last year I weighed 231lbs (that was after loosing 15lbs the 2 weeks before surgery on the pure liquid diet) and my BMI was over 40!  My hips at the time were 55 inches, my waist was 48 inches, my bust I think 52 (which wouldn’t have been all bad if that had been my boobs but it was more the sides and back then the boobs).  My dress size was 22/24, or XXL.  This is me last year…


Today my weight was 155lbs, my hips are 37 inches, my waist 32 and my bust is 34 ( I have no boobs left L)  My dress size now is 9/10, sometimes a 7 and I wear a small.  What a difference a year makes.  This is me on 05/04/12.


Wanna see the difference.. here’s me in my favorite old pair of jeans..



One thought on “Happy Re-Birthday to me! 1 year, 100lbs later…

  1. I think you look amazing. To me you have always looked amazing though. You were incredibly brave to have the surgery and you have come a long way since then. You have done great and I am proud of you. Love you baby.

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