The scariest night of my life.

I’ve told my followers before that sometimes I have had the ability to see and hear things that others can’t, spirits, shadow people and even demons.  I posted a blog back in March about the demon I saw and promised I would tell the story, so here it goes.

A little back story first.  My ex husband was not a nice man.  I knew this before I married him but I had the naive hopes of one day changing him and making him a better man.  He would lie to people, steal from them, cheat them, anything he could to “get them before they get me”.  That was his motto in life.  He walked around thinking everyone was out to get him and he was going to screw everyone over before they could him.  In other words, he reeked of negativity and despair, something demons thrive on.


It was 3 am and I was in bed sleeping, my ex-husband lying beside me, my 2 young children sleeping in the room next to mine.  My eyes popped open in an unnatural way for being 3 am.  You could feel the terror in the room before you could even see it.  The smell was not pleasant, but not as overpowering as I later thought it should have been.  At the end of my bed was my closet and when I looked in that direction I saw a black mass that covered my entire closet door.  I could not see the closet behind the mass, only rolling black shadows were visible.  I tried to scream but couldn’t as no sound would come to my throat.  This thing touched my foot and instantly I was paralyzed.  I couldn’t move any part of my body except my eyes.  I looked over to my husband, tears rolling down my cheek, screaming in my head “WAKE UP. PLEASE GOD WAKE UP AND HELP ME”.. Of course he didn’t move.  The shadow moving up my legs, with every inch the feeling of death was consuming me.  I felt the terror course through my veins as it invaded every cell.  I did not want this thing to take me; no one would be there to protect my children if it did.  So I prayed. I prayed harder then ever.  “Dear God, please, please protect my children.  Do not let this thing take me then go after them.  I walk in the light of the lord, you are my protector, my one and only God, Amen”.. I repeated this prayer several times as this thing crawled up my paralyzed body.  When it got to my neck I thought for sure this was the end but something happened and it left my body, faster then it came on.  I felt it work its way back down and then disappear.  I sat up in bed and grabbed my neck to find my cross there.  It made it up to my cross and stopped.  I woke my husband up and started telling him what was going on, he simply said “you dreamed it, go back to sleep”.  I knew I did not dream it, that it was real.  I could still smell it presence.  I ran to the kids room and checked on them, they both were sleeping peacefully and I prayed over each of them that the Lord protect them and keep them safe.


I went to the couch, too scared to sleep in the bed again that night.  I lay there praying and thinking of everything that had happened when suddenly my body went paralyzed again, the smell invading my nose.  This time I was angrier then I was scared.    Even though I couldn’t talk I told this thing in my mind “I am a child of God Almighty and you can not have my soul.  It is not yours and you lay no claim to it.  God is my protector, my love, and my light.  In GOD’S name I command you to leave me and my family alone and never bother us again, AMEN”.  The demon left instantly, the smell gone.


The kids woke up the next morning knowing nothing of what happened, having slept peacefully through the night.  My ex still insisting that I was just dreaming and that if I really believed I wasn’t then I was crazy.  I thanked God for protecting me and to this day I have yet to have this happen again, and I constantly pray that it doesn’t.  It was the scariest night of my life.  Death is scary in itself, but knowing your soul is being stolen is even scarier.


One thought on “The scariest night of my life.

  1. Obviously you had already told me this story before but still I am glad you made it out okay and especially glad you are away from that man. I believe he is why that demon attacked you.

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