God’s taking the trash out of my life…

Today I had someone on my Facebook page delete me.  I thought he was a friend.  I mean we went to high school together, and although we weren’t friends then we were becoming friends on Facebook.  We had fun banter that went back and forth every day.  I looked forward too it, especially when I was at work.  He would make me laugh so it took me completely by surprise when he deleted me today after I made a comment to him.  My comment wasn’t angry or mean, just that I didn’t like being called sweetheart (even my husband doesn’t call me that name) and he didn’t need to explain anything to me.  I figured he’d just laugh about it, think oh I riled her up and then move on, but no, he deleted me.  I’ve since blocked him because I don’t play those kinds of emotional games with people, I don’t delete then ask for permission to come back.  I’m not a fair-weather friend; I’m there for you through thick or thin, always.  I’m also not a trusting person so if you break my trust; 9 times out of 10 the person who does break it will never get it back. 


Now I’m sitting here fighting with my own emotions.  Why does it hurt me so badly when people who aren’t a part of my everyday “real” life, even people I’ve never even met in the past delete me?  Is it just that constant drive of wanting to be accepted?  Is it really the rejection of it all?  What causes me to sit and fret or think or worry about when people turn their back on me?  My own sister, my flesh and blood turned on me after our mother died and sometimes when someone new does it, it hurts just as badly for me.  People have always said I was so tough, so strong and independent, but I’m really not.   I want to be accepted just as much as the next guy does.  I want to be loved and know that my friends will always be there for me, but I know that’s asking too much.  I guess in today’s instant gratification world it’s easier just throw people away when you tire of them rather then actually maintain a friendship.  I am lucky however, I do have several life long friends that I know are always there for me, no matter what and they will never leave me.  Heck, one of them has even said they’d come back and haunt me after death..lol. 


I guess I need to look at it like this.  When one of these people delete me for whatever reason, it’s Gods way of taking the trash out of my life.



15 thoughts on “God’s taking the trash out of my life…

  1. Okay first, “he” who said they would come back to haunt you? And second I know it can be bothersome when someone deletes you and you don’t know why especially if you thought they were a friend. As for him, your not losing anything. I said from the beginning I never liked him not even in high school. He constantly tried my patience with his comments towards you almost like he was baiting me to say something but I tried to keep my mouth shut and respect your page. But he was childish, you pissed him off, and he deleted you. I say good riddence. Move on. You have plenty of friends who won’t do that to you and treat you with better respect than he did.

    • I know baby.. but I’m being honest.. it hurts when you think someone is a friend and they just toss you aside the first time you speak up like your nothing but a piece of trash..

  2. Hello there!! I hope you’re not feeling too down about this person. I was in a similar position and felt down too, but the way I see it, God will bless you with more friends. It’s not even worth getting upset about. Be strong, hold your head up high and smile 🙂

    • I love facebook.. because of it I’ve gotten back in touch with cousins and an uncle I haven’t seen or talked to in 20+ years… and loads of long lost childhood friends.. but it does have it’s problems too.. like today.

      • My wife still has her FB account up and running and has found many of her friends; several of whom it turned out live nearby like the one who was her maid of honor at our wedding. As for me alone closing my FB account was the best decision as many of those I knew in the past are better left there. The good part is that doing so has left me with more time to concentrate on my writing and poetry blogs. 🙂

  3. Thank-you and I’m glad that you like reading my poems. The poems listed under Poetic Passion is the style I began composing my poems in last May. Right now I’m waiting to see if I going to end up working enough overtime at work this year to be able to afford the latest edition of Word Perfect. Which has the ability to convert documents into ebooks {epub} files that will work on the Kindle reader. Once I get it I plan to begin publishing my poetry on Amazon.com and see what happens.

      • Thank-you for the encouragement. One thing that amazes me is that according to my wordpress stats people from all over the world are reading my poems and following my blog. I’m hoping that will translate into an International audience when I begin to publish.

  4. I have a horrible habit of calling people Sweetie…no idea how it started, but I suspect it has something to do with moving to Florida. Prior to that, men sometimes were dubbed “babe”.

    Of course I had a gay best friend who called all women he knew “Muffin” so that he wouldn’t have to remember their names. 🙂

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