Send in the Clowns….

Clowns are not EVIL

My husband Robert wrote a blog the other day all about the evil that clowns are.  Here’s the link to his blog about them if you want to read it.

Now keep in mind that he is the same person who is actually excited about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and owns hundreds of horror and zombie movies.  So much so that for our 3rd anniversary I bought him a blu-ray player and like 6 or 7 zombie movies and he was excited at that gift.  Yes, I know I’m married to a strange duck.

Now back to the subject of clowns.  I happen to love clowns.  I have since I first saw them at Circus World inFlorida way back in the mid to late 70’s.  It was my favorite place to go.  Screw that over priced Disney World, no I wanted to go to Circus World, ride the rides, ride the Elephant, see the 3-Ring show complete with the ring leader and trapeze ladies fly through the air, the circus peanuts those yummy orange gooey concoctions and of course the clowns.


They are not scary, evil or mean.  They just want to make you smile.  Rodeo clowns put their lives on the line to save the rider from the bull.  How is that evil?  It isn’t.  Hollywood did what it always does, it took something harmless and pure and honest and turned it into a knife wielding crazed psychotic killer intent on scaring little children, and apparently some adults too.


(my personal collection from the 80’s.  Do they look mean to you?  Do they look like they are going to come to life and kill anyone? I think not)

I started collecting clowns in the 80’s.  It was something I enjoyed doing but had to give up because everyone who knew me was buying me clowns and I was becoming over run from them.  My most prized clown is the Emmet Kelly my mom bought for me.  It still sits on my dresser, beside a little trinket clown she got me.  My clowns have never come to life, grew long arms, dragged me under my bed intent on killing me, or lived in a sewer killing me or my young friends.  When they pile out of their little car, there is no gateway to hell inside, they are climbing through the other side, you just don’t see that because they are professionals at what they do.  Sorry, they just aren’t evil. Hollywood on the other hand is!  And they should be ashamed at what they did to the beloved clown!


So I will leave you all with this thought tonight.. when you think of a clown, think of a happy one holding a balloon and funny face, not what Hollywood wants you too.  And when your feeling down and sad, “Send in the clowns”.


Oh yeah.. better watch out.. he looks really scary!


9 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns….

      • I bought the evil clown shirt because I thought that it was cool and different. I can see your point though about clowns not being evil and hollywoods portrayal of clowns as evil incarnate. Since many author’s in the men’s movement have spent years trying to counter the perception promoted by feminists that men are evil and women are innocence victims.

        BTW I bought a white M&M tee shirt with the green lady M&M on it.

  1. So why did I wake up one day and all those clowns were no longer on the shelf but on the bed around my head with evil grins and the one in the living room I found off the book shelf hiding under the couch? That’s how they get you, they make you think they are all nice and fun loving then when your sleeping, the grab you and pull you into the darkness of hell.

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