Happy Birthday Dad…

Today would have been my dad’s 67th birthday, well at least I think his 67th, it might have been his 68th or 66th.  Honestly I don’t know, how sad is that?  You see my dad died in 1977 when he was just 32 years old.  He has now been gone longer then he was here on this earth, that’s so weird to think.  It’s also strange to think that I’ve been on this planet for 8 yrs longer then he got to be.  I figured it was just fitting that my 100th post be for him.


(A very dapper looking young man there)

I really have very few memories of him, which that in itself is sad really.  People tell me that maybe the root of a lot of my issue’s are the “abandonment” feelings that were left behind after his death.  I do not agree with this, as I do not remember him, so how can his leaving be the cause?  That is neither here or nor there anyways.  This blog is just to remember a man that gave me life, that saved my life and blew through my life so quickly that he is just a blur to me now.


(Check out that stylin 70’s family.  Notice the uber cute baby in the front?)

Apparently when I was a baby my family visited the Grand Canyon.  While holding me my dad stood near the side of one of the cliffs and of course, with the “Underwood” luck the rocks gave way and down he went.  To save my life my dad threw me over his shoulders hoping and praying someone would catch me so we both wouldn’t die in the fall.  Luckily bystanders saw what was happening and I was caught, he went down hard but survived.  My mom told me how he woke up screwing grasped in the nightmare that he didn’t save me for months after that.  I of course claim this to be the rationality of my fear of heights now!

This wasn’t the first time he saved my life.  My mom had told me the story of how badly she wanted me (even though I wasn’t planned) but was very very sick with me.  The doctors told her it would be best to abort me because her and I shared the same blood type and it would probably kill us both if she went along with the pregnancy.  She was heartbroken but she had 3 other kids at home and didn’t want to leave them without their mother if she had a choice.  She was ready to board the plane to take her to the doctor who was going to do the procedure when my dad begged her to give it another month.  Just give that little blob in her tummy time to grow and gain strength and that the Lord would protect us both.  I’m here writing this blog so you know how this turned out.  Did I ever get angry with mom for her thinking? No, I’ve never given that part of the story a second thought and I don’t want you too.  My mother was awesome and was doing her best to support and raise her 3 then 4 kids.  She always put her kids first, always.


(My daddy not too long before he left this world)

My first paranormal incident that I can remember is my dad.  The night before we found out he was dead he came to me.  I saw him standing in the window looking down on us, so the next day when we found out he had been gone for 3 days I already knew he was gone.

One of the few other precious memories I have of him is the recliner that he had by the front door.  He would be asleep in it, or in this case pretending to sleep and I would be trying to creep by him as quietly as possible, but to no avail.  He would always wake up and grab me and tickle tickle tickle me until I would wiggle out of the chair by sliding in between the footrest and chair itself and then run out the back door instead!  Thinking back now, I’m not sure why I just didn’t go out the back door to begin with!

Anyways, this month is kind of hard for us.  Today would have been his birthday, and later on in the month would have been my parent’s anniversary and at the end of the month is the anniversary of his death, which is the day before my brother’s birthday.  Needless to say it’s a memory filled month.  If your lucky enough to still have your parents or even just one of them, let them know how much you love them, need them, appreciate everything they’ve ever done for you, and give them the only thing they want in return from you, your time.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad…

  1. I’m sorry you lost your dad so young. I’m sure it was a difficult thing. I love you and I’m here if you want to talk about it.

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