Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson

Happy Birthday Prince!

ImageIt was a hot summer afternoon in Fla in 1984 when the radio disk jockey gave the call for us loyal listeners to start calling in to try to win 2 tickets to the sold out “Purple Rain” tour that was coming to town.  I dialed the number, busy.  I dialed again and again and again, as fast as my chubby 13 yr old fingers would dial.  Oh how I loved Prince and the Revolution, he was really my second crush in the music world, (if you know me then you know who #1 was and still kinda is).  I dial again, it’s ringing, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god please answer, please answer.  I’d never prayed so hard in my life and when that guy answered and told me I had won the tickets the screams and tears started.  I couldn’t have been any happier if I’d have won the lotto, (seriously I don’t think I ever felt that much excitement again in my life) 


Now the fun part, asking my mother if her 13 year old daughter could go to this concert that I knew without a shadow of a doubt she had no interest in going to at all!  To my delight, she said yes, IF and only IF I took my 16 yr old sister with me.  Funny thing here is, she’d had been the only one who would have drove me so she had to go.  So yay, we got to go and I was so totally not disappointed at all.  I didn’t think it was possible to love him anymore then I did, but after that show my heart overflowed with love and admiration for him.  He was and still is one of the most talented people in the world. 


(Still amazingly sexy)

Prince released his first record in 1978 at the ripe old age of 19.  Since then he has released numerous albums, singles, movies and wrote more songs then I could possible list here.  While some of his music has been less then chart toppers, some have soared to the top, stayed there for weeks on end and are still being played.  I know me personally, if Purple Rain comes on or Little Red Corvette or even Raspberry Beret I’m turning it up and singing loudly along with him. 


So for all you Prince admirers, continue to party like it’s 1999, even though we’ve passed that time!  Get your freaky side going with Darlin Nikki or Get Off, whatever song of his gets  ya going!  Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson (I’m so happy I get to share a last name with him now)!



One thought on “Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson

  1. I sure hope he got rid of that outfit he’s wearing in the first photo. That is atrosious. But your right, when those songs come on, like Kiss, Let’s Go Crazy, and all the ones you listed, it’s time to turn up the music.

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