Southern Traditions

Southern Traditions


Today my husband is traveling to Florida to pick up his 2 youngest kids for our summer visit with them.  The trip has him going south through some very “Southern” states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and then Florida.  (Yes, Florida is a southern state even if it is full of Northern Snowbirds most of the year).  His trip to our hometown has me walking down memory lane about all the different Southern Traditions, but the one I’m thinking about right now is of course, BOILED PEANUTS!!! 

I remember the days of my youth fondly when it involves boiled peanuts, because that usually meant I was in the car heading somewhere like Daytona Beach.  We’d stop and get a big ol bag of them from one of the many roadside stands, the bag so hot it burned your legs if you tried to hold it in your lap.  Usually the vendor would have a cooler full of sodas because NOTHING, and I truly mean NOTHING goes better with hot boiled peanuts then an ice cold Coke.  To travel those back Florida roads, window’s down, music blarin sucking the salty juice from the peanuts before cracking them open with your teeth and praying you got one with 4 nuts in it (cause that was the jackpot baby) and not one with a worm in it (yes that has been known to happen but hey.. it’s added protein, right?)!  Tossin the shells out the window (they are biodegradable so don’t be judging) and sucking down that Coke, wind blowing your hair.  Aww… memories..


When I first moved to Texas I mentioned to someone how I was really craving some and when I said boiled peanuts I thought she was going to throw up where she stood.  I had to laugh at the color green that was going across her face.  I couldn’t believe she had never heard of them, you see in my life it’s impossible to NOT have heard of them.  I soon discovered no one in Texas had heard of them unless they were transplants like I was.  After I moved here to Virginia I realized it was the same thing, HOWEVER… I at least found the canned versions of them.  SALVATION!  On occasion I will make my own and when I do, it’s feast time for the family. 


I’m adding in the link for a recipe for do it yourself Boiled Peanuts.  Maybe someone who has never tried them will make them, and then thank me for opening them up to a new delight in their life.  Fair warning however, if you have high Blood Pressure, this may not be the best thing to become addicted too.  J

Now if only Saturday night would hurry up and get here so I can get my authentic roadside boiled peanuts in a bag!


12 thoughts on “Southern Traditions

  1. My wife loves the canned boiled peanuts while one of my coworkers will boil up a batch and sell em at work from time to time. Me I can do without em but love peanut butter. 🙂

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