They made me do it mommy…

I wrote about southern traditions the other day, specifically about boiled peanuts.   Well that got me to thinking of some of the traditions we had growing up and one that came to mind quickly was Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls. 


My very first memory of them is of when my family and I were visiting my grandma and aunts and uncles in Miami.  I was very young but I don’t remember my dad being there so I’m guessing I was maybe 6 or 7, (but I see myself younger then that so who knows).  My grandma made the best CCPBB’s (had to shorten that up)ever.  Well us kids (me, my 2 sisters and my brother and my cousin) were playing outside when my older siblings convinced me to go inside and get one for each of them.  Me being the ever so helpful wonderful loving child I was did as I was commanded, I so wanted everyone to be happy with me, really.. What? It has nothing to do with the fact that I absolutely loved them and wanted them for myself..noooo that’s not the reason I did it!  So I sneak into the duplex my grandma and aunt and uncle lived in, I creep every so quietly through the living room to the kitchen with my partners in crime watching from the safety of outside.  I get to the pan of the CCPBB’s and realize my hands weren’t big enough to get one for everyone and myself!  DING!!! Light bulb goes off, POCKETS! Of course.. it’s always a good thing to put freshly dipped chocolate anything into the pockets of shorts on an already hot and sweaty child living in south Florida in the summertime.  What could possible go wrong there?  So I shove 2 in one pocket, 2 in the other pocket, shove one in my mouth and grab a few more in my hands. (I was getting the extra one’s for them, really).  I turn around to leave with my stolen goodies to find my grandma, standing there watching me.  Now looking back I could only imagine her trying her hardest not to bust out laughing at the site of me, chocolate running down my chin and out the corners of my mouth because I shoved the whole thing in there and it was bigger then my mouth.  Chocolate melting in my pockets and my hands, the look of sheer terror on my face for being caught!  “Ginny (my mom) you need to get in here and look at your daughter” she yelled.  DAMN, busted even harder, she called my mom in on it!  I’m still trying to savor the taste of the yummy treat in my mouth while trying to eat it faster then humanly  possible (kinda sticks to the roof of your mouth and add in the chocolate, just makes it thicker). 


(not me but I’m sure I resembled this)

My mom comes in and in the greatest mom fashion she busted out laughing.  By now of course my partners had abandoned me and took off for safer pastures.  My mom tells me to put the CCPBB’s down and asks if I have more.  Of course I pull out melted messes from my pockets and put them back on the pan.  “What do you have to say for yourself brat?”  Well, what do you think I said, I was the baby of the family.. “They made me do it mommy”…. I don’t remember getting into trouble that day, or even if the others got in trouble or not, all I remember was my grandma catching me and me almost choking to death on that thing.


Years later I started making them for my own kids and my nieces.  They became a quick favorite of them and every Christmas I got to make dozens of them and give them to the girls for their presents.  I’ve since moved what feels like a million miles away so I don’t get to do that for them anymore (my nieces that is) but I did pass the recipe onto them.  I hope that one day they share them with their kids, and my kids with theirs.  I also hope that they get to look back and have a fond memory of them too.


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