Conspiracy Theory, or truth?

My first husband was a “Conspiracy Theorist” in every aspect of those words.  He was one of those people who would sit around and tell anyone who would listen about how the Government was out to get the people one way or another, always meaning the worst in everything they do.  And of course that would be followed up by how they did everything to cover it up after whatever catastrophic event happened. 


One of the big theories he had was how the USA never landed on the moon.  He had all kinds of books and magazine articles to back up his claims.  I can’t remember the names of the sources he spouted but it really did make complete sense that the Government did lie to us and in fact we never landed on the moon.  The truth is, we were a good decade away from that technology when Russia came out and said “We will be on the moon by the end of the year”, then magically we were ready and boom, we beat Russia there.  To convenient for his liking, and honestly, mine too.  I will say that to this day I do have a hard time believing that we made it to the moon.  There will always be doubt in my mind on this subject, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to our Government, well any Government for that matter.  Trust no-one and question everyone!


Now, this isn’t a blog really so much about that it’s more about the current husband and his annoyance at me when I tell our kids that we never did land on the moon, or when something on TV makes a reference to it I will say “That’s a lie, it never happened”.  The funny thing about all of this is my husband served in the Air Force for 20 years and will never ever believe that we could have possibly been lied to about it. It just wouldn’t happen that way, I mean honestly, the government lie to the people?  That’s UNHEARD OF I tell you.  (I’m snickering as I type  I’ve argued this point with him more then once and he’s always just flabbergasted that I could possible believe that we really didn’t make it to the moon.  He will say things like “There are pictures of our astronauts walking around” to which I reply “Um yeah, and from pictures we are to believe that Tom Hanks, Kevin Beacon and Bill Pullman all went into space too?  Or maybe any number of actors who have had movies where they were in space have really been too, I mean since there is photographic evidence”.  By his reasoning then I am correct right? 


I find it truly funny when I get him so riled up over this one topic.  How can someone believe in Area 51 (a government conspiracy and cover up) but not believe in the possibility that we never went to the moon?  I guess it’s a pick and choose theory that he believes in? 


You know I love you honey.. and you know I love to rile you up!

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory, or truth?

  1. Obviously I disagree with this. There is too much proof that we landed on the moon to say we didn’t. Area 51 has been proven as well and not just by those who have taken photos but by the government. Now what I don’t believe is Oswald shot Kennedy. I believe he was a patsy, there were two shooters, one on the grassy nole.

    • Every bit of the “evidence” can be disputed or explained off.. and really, how can we prove we’ve been there? There’s no one living on the moon that we can call and say. “Hey does this look like a moon rock to you?” And why haven’t we been back? Why aren’t we living there yet? Cause we’ve never been, thats why.
      And I agree with you on Oswald.. so that much we do agree on.

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