My top 5 most loved things..

While I was taking my daily (ok usually every other day) daily walk I thought more and more about my post last night, that whole learning to hate and now trying to learn to love and forgive.  It made me think of the list I posted a few weeks ago about my 5 biggest pet peeves, and I thought why not make a list about something I love, ya know positive stuff.  So here are my 5 most loved things (Excluding my children, husband and family and friends, those go without saying).


  1. Clean      sheets on my bed and freshly shaved legs!       My girls will understand this one.       Nothing feels as good as slipping into a fresh clean bed with super      soft legs and cushy pillows.  Ahhh I      could just drift of to dream land just thinking about it.


Comfy looking bed.. wish it was mine

  1. Getting      a really great pedicure.  The last      one I got (months ago sadly) was a Chocolate Rub one.  OMG, it was simply the best thing      ever.  They took me to the VIP room      (because I paid a little more for the Chocolate one) and gave me a plate      full of wonderfully sweet fruit.       There were strawberries, blueberries, oranges and grapes.  A glass of water with lemon (because I      can’t have the soda they offered), and got to work on my tootsie’s as the      chair massager got to work on the knots in my back!  She took her time massaging my feet and      legs, in all spending a full hour on them.       I thought it was over but to my delight since I paid for the extra      package I got a 10 minute massage on my neck and shoulders.  This woman’s hands were AMAZING.  I wish I could afford to get an hour      long massage from her, my neck felt so much better after just 10 mins, I      could only imagine what an hour with her would make me feel like!

man I could go for one of these today

  1. Going      out to dinner, someplace other then a fast food dive.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to go      someplace, sit down, have a nice conversation and not have to do      anything.  No cooking, no cleaning,      no listening to kids saying “I don’t like this” or “how much of it do I      have to eat?”  Yup, going out and      letting someone else do all the work and the kids getting what they want, that’s      good enough to make it #3 on my list.

this looks like a fun place to eat


  1. This      number had a tie.  I just couldn’t      pick one of them.  The smell of      fresh cut grass and fresh cut watermelon, they both kinda smell alike don’t      they?  Every time I smell either of      these things I’m quickly transported back to my childhood inFlorida.  I mean you gotta mow the grass down      there every week in the summer and watermelon is just a staple food!

Yummy.. now I want some watermelon

1.   Drum roll please….. The number one thing on my list of things I love the most is… The sound of my children laughing, any child’s laughter will just tug at your heart strings but when it’s your own children just giggling away at something that has touched their funny bone…well you just can’t put into words the feelings that fill your heart.

my babies when they were 1 and 6 years old


9 thoughts on “My top 5 most loved things..

  1. I’m lucky in that I work in a factory where the management has been trained to be flexible and allows us leeway in regards to our vacation days when work is slow and sporadic as it has been this year.

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