Nobody had to wait for me today!

Back in 2009 I moved fromTexastoVirginia.  I weighed 256lbs and was severely out of shape.  Soon after I moved here my 3 step children came for their summer visitation with us, and we decided to take them to this park that we had found and walked around a few times before.

There is a trail there that is approximately 3 miles long and on that day we attempted to conquer it.  It turned into one of the most embarrassing days of my life.  Maybe 30 minutes into the hike I found myself almost in tears from the humiliation of it all.  I was out of breath, feet were tingling, back hurt and all I wanted to do was sit down.  Everyone had to keep stopping and wait up for me.  At one point I even heard my husband say to the kids “Hold up, she’s gotta catch up again”.  I wanted to crawl into one of the trees and disappear.  I even tried begging him to take the kids and go and let me just head back to the car.  I didn’t want to be the cause of their fun time coming to a quick stop.  My husband (who is use to backpacking inAlaska) said “No, we came together we leave together”.  I truly wanted to die that day.

Fast forward 3 years to today, July 1, 2012.  My 2 youngest step children are here for the summer and we decided to take them to the same park to hike that same trail.  I was so psyched up for it.  I couldn’t wait to prove that they wouldn’t have to “wait” up for me again this time.

We got to the park and took off to the trail, me leading the way.  As we got further into the park I decided to even run a little bit of the way.  My step daughter stayed near me the entire time, which I loved. I think she’s finally warmed up to me.  We came up on this one big hill and she started to go up the side that wasn’t a path, I took off running up the path.  The harder she tried the faster I went.  Determination set in that I was going to beat her up the hill, and guess what?  I did!  We came to the next hill and we ran up that one, it was close, but I still won!  My husband was lagging, (and yes we had to stop for him a couple of times) and at one point my son even tried to beat us up the hill, but didn’t.  It wasn’t until the 3rd hill that she finally beat me up it, by hell, I’m old, by then I was tired!  We got approx 2 miles into the trail when my husband said his knee was killing him and I asked him if he wanted to get up to the road which was right there and walk it back to the car instead of the up and down hills.  He said yes, so we headed up the incline to the road.  Once we got there I realized where we were and decided to run back to the car, yes run!  By time I made it to the car (which I beat everyone except my daughter who was right there w/ me) I had done 2.19 miles and could have still kept going.  Tomorrow I’m heading to my regular park and I plan on doing the 5.5 miles.  What a difference 100lbs and 3 years makes!


2 thoughts on “Nobody had to wait for me today!

  1. You did awesome baby, I’m very proud of you and how far you have come not only with your weight loss but with your physical fitness as well. We had fun today despite my bad knee. Keep it up.

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