That’s it.. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body!

Sometimes I really do think I should have been born a man.  I think like a man, I act like a man, I have a man’s sense of humor, the only thing that makes me know I’m not a man (other then the vagina and breast I am in possession of) is the fact I like to do girlie things like get my hair and nails done, go shopping, eat chocolate, oh and my walk.. no man can swish his hips like me!  Okay, so I must be a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.


I’ve always been friends with men more then women, always been considered one of the guys.  Of course I was one of the guys that the guys could have sex with but still.  I’ve been told by more then one guy that I am a totally different breed of woman.  They aren’t sure what to make of me.  I can sit and talk with guys about anything, sports, drinking, sex, women, other guys, doesn’t matter.


So today I read a blog where it talked about the difference between men and women (sexually) and how men are turned on by visual stimulus and women were turned on by touch and words.  That God had made the sexes this way so that we work together better.  Hmmmm.. Maybe this is my problem.  I am sexually turned on if the wind blows in a different direction, if a hot guy or girl walks by, if I hear the right words, doesn’t matter.  I’m an all around stimulus kind of person.  I want to be physically attracted to my lover as much as emotionally or spiritually.  I don’t want to look at my lover and think “ok, he’s not attractive at all, but he says the right things”.. umm no, that’s not gonna get my motor running.  I want to see him standing there and really bad (and by bad I mean pornographic) ideas start running rampantly through my brain.  I want to trace the lines down to the happy trail.  If it’s a hot blonde chick, I wanna fantasize about what she looks like naked and in the all fours pose.  Does this make me a bad woman?  Is this why I’ve had so many heartbreaks in my life?  Is this why I drive my husband crazy?

talk about tracing the lines!!!!



Maybe this is why I’ve never been “one of those girls”, or why I’ll never be one of them.  I have a mouth and a brain and I’m not afraid to use either of them.  I wasn’t raised prim and proper, hell I was raised in a bar (my mom owned one).  This is who I’ve always been.  I have a dirty mind and I know how to use it.  I guess if I listen to the Bible thumpers (and I mean no disrespect to them, if that’s what’s working for them great) I’ll never have that peace in my life because I refuse to be the weaker subservient sex in this life.  I have supported my kids alone; I have supported this family while my husband was out of work.  I have worked several jobs at once to make ends meet.  I do not need to be weaker to anyone.  Now saying that, I do like my men to be stronger then me, I don’t wanna be with a 125lb weakling.  But just because he’s stronger then me, that doesn’t mean he has to use his strength against me either, just open jars for me, kill a bug or two.. pick me up and carry me to the bedroom..


12 thoughts on “That’s it.. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body!

  1. Well baby, I’ve always thought of you as a woman, not one of the guys. A woman who could hang (Well not anymore) with the guys but still be a woman in her own right. That’s who I fell in love with and I wouldn’t change anything about that in you.

  2. Most likely your one of those females who was subjected to a higher than normal dose of testosterone while in the womb which is a genetic defect that has the effect of flipping the sexual orientation of the fetus.

    Now in regards to strong willed women: My dad married three – My mother who intentionally broke my dad’s heart by destroying her marriage and our family – My second stepmother who created the conditions that would have driven my father into bankruptcy had he lived and my first stepmother who came back into our lives after my second stepmother had divorced my dad {but not his money} and intentionally infected my dad with an STD {otherwise known as VD} that destroyed his liver so that he died at the ripe old age of 55 when I was 35.

    Needless to say I don’t have a soft spot in my heart for strong willed women who use sex to manipulate and dominate the men in their life.

    • I am sorry that your dad went through all of that. Not all strong willed women are that heartless.. In fact I tend to get my heart broken because I wear my heart on my sleeve and tend to not be mean to people who deserve my strongness..

  3. I think that is kaka. I have faith in God, but in no way does that translate to subservience to men. Or no sex drive/fantasy life. Anyone who tries to sell you on that crap is a small minded fool. God gave me a brain, a body and a sex drive…by using them I honor him. Being anything but the best me I can be? Now that would truly be offensive. Just sayin’. Then again, I, too, have a tendency to be “one of the boys.”

    • I couldn’t imagine being anything other then me.. loud, confident (well for the show) sexual, crazy, funny, sometimes dark… I’m all things together.. I love sex, I’m not afraid to admit it.. I’ve even in the past thought I was a sex addict.. but now I see I just love sex..and even if I was an addict I wouldn’t seek help to cure it. I want sex daily.. I think about it many times throughout the day. I can’t understand those “Godly” people who think sex is a bad thing.. God gave us the ability to have sex and made it enjoyable. There are only a few species on earth that have sex for pleasure… and we are one of them..

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