Grab some popcorn and sodas

For the second weekend in a row a family member who lives in this apartment with me has kept me up all night long, leaving me to be lethargic on my only day off.  Last week I managed to get my husband’s car to the shop and a quick run to the grocery store.  Today I made it to Target then the grocery store then home.  Being so tired has me just laying on the couch and watching the boob tube.  Today I watched “Midnight in Paris” and then “Cast Away” and currently I’m loosing brain cells watching “Teen Mom” (that is like one of my guilty pleasures).  This got me to thinking today about movies that I love and that no matter what I will watch them over and over again.  So here is my list, because I know how much you all love lists!

Grab the popcorn and Ice Cold Coke!


5)  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- and no not the Jonny Depp remake, (no offense Jonny, yes your gorgeous and talented and all but Gene beat you on this one).  I love this movie.  “The snoozberries taste like snoozberries”.  Every time I watch this movie my heart races just a little bit when they are getting to go into that first room, the one with the chocolate river and the mushrooms with whipped cream in them.  Oh how I always wanted to eat the little tea cup (I always imagined they tasted like frosted lemon) and eat the giant gummy bear and handful of the whipped cream and then wash it all down with the chocolate from the river!

Oh how I wanted to go in this room


4)  The Coal Miners Daughter- I don’t know what it is about movies like this, but I’m drawn to them.  You’ll see in my number 3 what I mean.  I like how they start out on the bottom and always seem to make it, no matter what happens in their lives.  In this case poor little Loretta was basically raped her first time, ended up getting pregnant right away, popped out 6 kids and still managed to become a very famous and wealthy person.  She never let her circumstances determine her outcome.  Something I wish I knew how to do.  Not to mention they have a good sound track to it.


Despite it all, these two stayed together their entire lives, until Doolittle passed away.

3)  Urban Cowboy- First and foremost, the appeal of this movie is the soundtrack, followed closely by a very fit very good looking John in tight jeans and a cowboy hat!  Is anything else really needed here?  You have to get passed the domestic violence, the “woman should do as their husbands say so” crap and realize it’s a story of two people who were in love but didn’t know how to show it.  Obviously they didn’t have to good role models.  I had the luck to catch it on VH1 one night where they do the pop up things on it. Interesting enough the couple this movie was based on were divorced by time the movie came out.  Growing up in Fla I always dreamed of going to Gilley’s in PasadenaTexas and finding me a real cowboy.  Little did I know until I moved to BaytownTexas (which is only a 15 minute drive to Pasadena) that Gilley’s had closed down!!! ASSHOLES.. how dare they.  The PasadenaPublicSchool district purchased the land and tore the old building down and has now made it a bus depot for their school buses.  At least I got to see the old building, even if it was from the road.



2) Unfaithful-  OHH MY GOODNESS.. every woman dreams of a hot young French guy finding us extremely attractive and delving us into that world of adultery and excitement and sex sex sex!  Amazingly hot sex with an amazingly hot Frenchman, oh that accent, that body.. Good God help me!  Of course this movie show’s just how badly an affair can turn out, that it’s not just sex, it’s extreme torture and an emotional roller coaster that nobody wants to go through ever. Although I don’t think most affairs end in murder then covering it up then living in fear of being discovered, but hey that makes good movies!

Completely sexy


And last but not least… the number one movie I have to watch if I catch it on TV (and yes I own the movie too) is… drum roll please…



1) The Shawshank Redemption- For some reason this movie to me is the greatest movie ever made.  You completely get drawn into the characters and root for Andy to be freed from his hell.  You jump for joy when the guards take out the “sisters” that were sexually and physically assaulting Andy for years.  You get upset when poor Brooks decides to take his life instead of living outside of the prison he spent his life in. You get concerned that Andy is going to kill himself after the kid gets shot for knowing the truth that Andy was innocent and he has to spend 2 months in the hole.  You love Red through the whole movie, how he is the voice of reason and handles life in stride.  The look of bewilderment in the scene where the warden throws the stone through the poster and all you hear is it clanking through the tunnel!  Oh and when he reads the paper and then hears the sirens and knows.. just knows he’s been judged!  AWESOME!

The sweet taste of freedom!


Now I have to put in a few honorable mentions.  Of course there is Grease, Any of the Tim Burton movies, Coraline, The nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride ect.  Forrest Gump, Cast Away.  Can’t forget the stupidly funny ones like Super Troopers, The History of the World, The Simpsons Movie (I’m a die hard fan of the Simpsons and literally screamed in excitement when they announced they were making a movie).  I’ll never be able to narrow my list down to just 1 movie, but hey, I don’t have too.  I can watch them all a hundred times, never again or change my mind on which one is my favorite to match my mood.  I am after a woman, and aren’t we known for changing our minds?

18 thoughts on “Grab some popcorn and sodas

  1. Even though my top 5 would be different, I can appreciate your selection and why you selected them. I’m not that big of a fan of Unfaithful but the others I do enjoy. Great list baby.

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