This chick is AMAZING!!

Savannah Dietrich, a name I’m sure you’ve probably not heard, but hopefully after this you will not only remember it but you’ll be as fired up as I am and do what ever is needed to support this extremely brave young lady.  In August of 2011 Savannah attended a party where she drank too much and passed out.  Yes, she was only 16 at the time, but honestly, how many of us drank something at 16?  I know I did, I mean hell I did more then just drink.  After she passed out 2 boys sexually assaulted her and if that wasn’t bad enough, they took pictures of the assault.  It wasn’t until months later that she learned of the pictures.  Could you imagine the hell you would go through knowing that because you did something you shouldn’t have such as drinking that it would lead to rape and then the humiliation of photo’s being shown all over, not knowing who saw them?

As if that humiliation wasn’t enough this poor girl learned just minutes before they boys pleaded guilty to first degree sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism that they plea bargained for a softer punishment.  Although Savannah could not discuss the details of their punishment she was quoted as saying “It’s like they got a slap on the wrist”.

Because she was so hurt and felt like the boys had got away with their crimes she decided to do something amazing.  She posted the names of her assailants on Twitter for the world to see. She tweeted “They got off very easy … and they tell me to be quiet, just silencing me at the end,” Afterwards she posted “They said I can’t talk about it or I’ll be locked up. ….Protect rapist is more important than getting justice for the victim in Louisville.”

Because she posted their names after Judge Dee McDonald admonished everyone at the hearing to not speak about what happened in court or about the crime she is now facing charges.  WTF??? How is it legal for a judge to tell anyone to not talk about what happened to them?  Now the victim gets to be victimized again, only this time by the law that’s supposed to be protecting her!  I feel all rapists who are convicted should be branded with a big R somewhere visible on their body!  I’m not talking about a tattoo, no I’m talking about a cattle branding iron that’s red hot from the fire and push that bitch right into their skin!  Maybe right there on the side of their neck, hell right on the face!  And then give them NO ointment to help it heal, let them get sick.  This poor girl now faces up to 180 days in jail and a $500 fine while these pricks get off with a slap on the wrist.  I hope some of her guy friends find these two and BEAT THE HOLY FREAKING CRAP OUT THEM.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

As a survivor I have to say I have the utmost respect for her.  I pray that she heals and grows from all of this and that her life gives her amazing blessings from here on out!  God Bless you Savannah.


10 thoughts on “This chick is AMAZING!!

  1. I read this story last night and was appalled that a judge would ban the names of her victims to be released and when she did say who they were that she was facing contempt of court charges. That is not right. Those kids got of easy for what they did, she has every right to tell people what happened to her and who did it. It’s call freedom of speech. Those kids lost their freedoms when they broke the law and raped her.

  2. 1- False Rape accusations run as high as 45 – 60%.*

    2- The media publishes the names of men falsely accused of rape while the accusers name is kept secret. When found innocent they are still
    considered guilty by the public at large while the false accuser gets off scott free.

    3- Anyone who consents to imbibe a mind altering substance has in reality consented to the consequences of whatever happens to them.

    4- Underage drinking is a crime hence the 16 yr old girl is a criminal not a hero and should garner no sympathy whatsoever.

    *During the Kobe Bryant trial a former prosecutor who won convictions against men accused of rape quoted the 45% figure while Warren Farrel in his book The Myth Of Male Power quoted the 60% figure from a study conducted of rape accusations done by the Air Force. It is quite common for female service members to level a false accusation of rape to avoid a an AWOL charge when she doesn’t return on time from leave because she got drunk.

    • 1- this is not a false rape claim, if it were the boys would not have plead guilty. They were the one’s stupid enough to take the pictures of the crime

      2- It is true that the falsly accused will always suffer the stigmata of the charge, however it is something they can recover from. Ever hear of The Steelers Roethlisberger? It did not truly affect his career or his love life as he is now married. There are many other’s who have been fasly accused who have gone on to live a perfectly normal life

      3- and JUST because someone has a drink or two or twelve does not give ANYONE the right to have sex with them while they are passed out, male or female! Drinking does not automatically say “Okay I consent to anyone touching my body while I’m passed out”. Thats just ridiculous.

      4- Yes underage drinking is a crime, but nowhere near as violent as rape. I think she’s more then paid her dues. ANY woman who will stand up and face her attackers in a court of law, and then in ungaurded protection of a courthouse is a HERO.. plain and simple.

      Have you ever been raped? Have you ever had a man or a woman violate you in such a personal way? It is horrible. It takes away so much from you. You no longer trust anyone. You walk around constantly feeling dirty and disgusting, and no shower can take that away from you. It’s a feeling that lasts for years, not just a few hours. It send you into a spiral of self loathing, self doubts. You begin to feel that you will never be loved by anyone because you are damaged goods. This story is not about a woman who Falsely accuses two men of raping her. These boys were stupid enough to take pictures of their crimes, and they deserve to be taken out behind the woodshed and beat sensless. NO BODY has the automatic right to do whatever the hell they want with some elses body, ESPECIALLY one who is unconcious and cannot say yes or no! I do not advocate violence lightly. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, physically/mental/emotional and sexual. But when it comes to this particular topic I say yes, beat the shit of these boys, then maybe next time they have the “opportunity” to violate a girl who has had a little to much to drink they will think twice about it! And I say she should post their names over and over and over again so that anyone in their town will shun them and they will never have that opportunity again.

  3. Re: I hope some of her guy friends find these two and BEAT THE HOLY FREAKING CRAP OUT THEM.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    The violence you are advocating is one of the reasons many men in the men’s movement today will not vote to convict a fellow male of rape – no matter the evidence – if called to serve on a jury. And as far as I’m concerned I will never convict a man of murder who commits an act of self defense against his FINANCIAL RAPIST.

  4. As a child I was emotionally raped by both of my stepmothers, sexually molested by my first stepmothers 16 yr old niece when I was 13. When I was thirty-five I watched my father die from an std my stepmother gave him and my youngest brother committed suicide after being raped of his children by his first. Two of my brothers were falsely accused of rape by my second stepmother: One brother was falsely accused in regards to her son and was forced into a mental institution to be evaluated only to be released and never charged because he wasn’t guilty. My other brother was in the navy when she called him and falsely accused him of raping her daughter and nearly committed suicide as a result.

    I suppose a drunk killing someone in an accident because they drove under the influence is innocent too.

    • A drunk driver is not the same as a passed out woman.. And this story is not a story about a woman who falsely accuses an innocent man or men it is a fact that these two boys raped her. They took photographic evidence of their crimes, posted the pictures to for people too see and then plead guilty on all accounts. They knew they could not plea not- guilty because they were caught red handed (ie the pictures). Someone who drinks and passes out is only harming themselves, someone who drinks and drives is capable of hurting many people. She was not out to hurt anyone, she was just doing something reckless like drinking. Is that a crime for someone her age, yes. Does that make her public property for any one walking by to do whatever they want with her? NO. I am very sorry for all you have gone through in your life, but not all women are evil. I have been through my own tragedies and I do not consider all men evil. The law is the law and it is regardless of emotion. It is in black and white, they broke the law, they are guilty. She broke the law by drinking herself to unconsciousness but even with that she should have never had to pay the price she has. Should she have to go to an alcohol awareness program, yeah sure. Although I think she now already knows the dangers and will probably never drink again. She did not harm anyone else in her crime.

  5. Let me make this perfectly clear: I always hold women to the exact same standard men are held too and I never have sympathy for those who place themselves in harms way by their own choices.

    She chose to place herself in harms way {just as many men do by sleeping around} as well as disregarded and disobeyed the judges order and will have to pay the price – truly smart men will avoid this girl and girls like her.

    Violence cuts both ways once an individual justifies violence against another for any reason they justify violence against themselves.

  6. Re: It is true that the falsly accused will always suffer the stigmata of the charge, however it is something they can recover from.

    Tell this to the families of black men who were lynched by angry white men after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a white woman.

    Tell this to men who spent on average 15 yrs or more in jail because they were falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of the crime of rape only to be released years later when DNA tests proved their innocence.

    Tell this to the college boys falsely accused of rape by Crystal Gail Magnum whose parents were forced to spend upwards of a million dollars to prove their innocence. Today this piece of female trash is in jail awaiting trial for murdering her boyfriend.

    Tell this to the man whose wife drugged him, cut off his tally wacker and tossed into the kitchen sink grinder. Only to have virtually every female talk morning show host like Sharon Osborne laugh about it on national tv.

    Yes I do indeed know what it is like to be violated in a very personal way – to never feel safe at home or at school. Because I was forced to live that way from the age of nine until I was sixteen years old and even today: I am forced to live with the fact that at any time my wife can pick up the phone and with one single lie {a false accusation of sexual misconduct} have me removed from my home and destroy me financially.

    I never wanted to live this way but was forced too in order to keep from losing my son. As a result I will never ever trust another women or allow her to get emotionally close to me. NOT EVEN MY WIFE!

    Now that is what I call rape and is why I have absolutely no empathy for a girl stupid enough to put herself in harms way and vengeful enough to disobey a judges order.

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