Pizza Hut’s new Garlic Bread Pizza Review.. 2 thumbs down!

Looks yummy don’t it…


Tonight is the night before my kids leave to go to their grandparents for 3 weeks so I thought I’d be nice and order Pizza Huts newest creation, The Garlic Bread Pizza!  It looks so yummy in the commercials and well, my kids LOVE the garlic bread like that so how could we go wrong with it?  Well… lets state how we could go wrong with it.


I ordered it online at 7:06pm tonight, Wednesday July 25, 2012.  After I hit submit and it processed, it popped up and said the delivery time was estimated at 8:36pm!  WTH..  A full hour and half later?  What happened to 30 mins or it’s free (yes I know that was Dominoes’ but still).


Finally it arrives, not at 8:36 it was a little earlier 8:05pm but that still sucks! The guy hands me the pizzas and already I can tell they are not even hot!  I open the boxes and I’m disgusted.  The pizzas are hard, and cold and greasy!  I could have made them cheaper and so much better then this and saved myself a hell of a lot of money!   I will not be ordering them again and I’m sending out a warning to everyone, don’t waste your money on these, they defiantly aren’t worth it.


Cold, hard, burnt on the sides and greasy.. def not like their pictures show them to look!



9 thoughts on “Pizza Hut’s new Garlic Bread Pizza Review.. 2 thumbs down!

    • I sent them a nice little email telling them all about it.. 🙂 I’ve comlained to KFC before because the one near is us always out of stuff and rude.. they sent me a $5 check good only at but the check stated it was for an unhappy customer.. i think it was their code for the people not to mess up again.

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