Embracing the insanity

Last week my kids left to go spend a few weeks in Texas with their grandparents.  It of course was very hard to put them on the plane and let them fly 1500 miles away from me, but my husband was off of work that day and the following 4 days so it was easier because I wasn’t left alone.  I know I know, your thinking “What the hell is wrong with her, a night alone sounds like heaven to me” especially if your married or a mom or a dad and never have any alone time.  Well, a.. and I repeat A night alone sounds good, however several do not.

the evil plane that flew my babies away


To me silence is deafening.  I’ve said that before and have found that not a lot of people understand what I mean by it.  For someone like me who has a brain that NEVER shuts up, when I’m left alone my brain tends to go into overdrive.  It will literally drive me insane if I am left alone for too long.  I tend to run through the “what ifs” and “why’s” when my brain goes into overdrive.  It’s maddening I tell you, MADDENING.

So tonight, my first night alone I have already watched 2 movies, currently watching my 3rd, started a painting project for a friends little girl’s bday present, worked on a different painting project and now I’m writing a blog.  At this rate by the end of the week I will have done everything I can and be well on my way to insanity.  I’m going to try not to fight it to hard, rather embrace the insanity, let it wash over me, engulfing me into an alternate reality!


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