Dontcha just love lists???

Tonight TMC is having a Marilyn Monroe marathon, so of course I’m watching.  I love Marilyn.  She is absolutely gorgeous and sexy and talented!  She shined on camera, almost magical when you watch her in action.  It’s a shame her life was so full of tragedy and cut short but I am thankful that she managed to grace the silver screen while she was here.  So in honor of her tonights list is going to be a few of my favorite Blonde Bombshells that I kinda have crushes on.


The first one on my list is of course, Mrs. Marilyn Monroe.  She just oozes sex appeal.  She was so comfortable in her own skin, she had curves and knew how to use them!  She gave good face to the camera and everyone loved her.  You know, in today’s society she would be considered fat and that is just a down right shame!  She puts any of those stick figures in Hollywood to shame today.  While she is beautiful I just could not see myself ever “dating” her.. I guess because I know that in reality she would be 86 yrs old if she was still alive today and well.. eww.


Sensual.. simply sensual..


The next one is super duper sexified Jaime Pressly.. OH DEAR LORD.. this woman is amazingly HOT AS HELL.  Yes, I can see myself dating her!  She is simply perfection, from her blonde beautiful hair, to her luscious lips to her amazing breast, toned tummy and great legs!  I first fell in love with her when I saw her profile in a playboy magazine, I was hooked instantly and since then she can do no wrong for me!  I loved her in Joe Dirt.. “I’m your sister, I’m your sister”..hahahaha

simply lickable


Waiting to see who is next?  Well that would be the statuesque Charlize Theron.  This bombshell from South Africa is just too much.  I fell for her in the movie “The Astronaunts Wife” with Jonny Depp.  Can you imagine kissing this gorgeous woman?  Touching that beautiful body?  Yup, I can imagine it…She’s not only beautiful but extremely talented.  I’ve not seen a movie of hers I haven’t enjoyed.

Just gets better with age



These three beautiful women top my list of blondes I have crushes on.  There are more, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston.. you see, I have a thing for blondes.  Always have, always will..



6 thoughts on “Dontcha just love lists???

  1. I have to say I agree totally with this list. Now could you imagine me you and any one of these women on your list? Hmmmmmmm oh I could. LOL.

  2. Although charlize thereon can look ugly look at the part she played of Aileen wournos in the movie monster. That must have been 10 days of no makeup and showers

  3. If you’ve seen my list of “girl crushes” you know I tend to prefer brunettes…but if I had to go blond it would probably Yvonne Strahovsky from “Chuck” or Hilarie Burton from “One Tree Hill”. Mostly badass with a lot of hidden sweetness.

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