If it’s broken.. don’t fix it, divorce it!

I saw a picture on facebook the other day of two old people who were holding hands and walking away and it had a caption “How did we stay together for so long, it’s because our generation thinks if something was broke you fixed it”….

This made me wonder, you know ponder the universe and all that.  Y’all know me, you know my mind goes non-stop ESPECIALLY on stuff that really doesn’t matter.  With the rising divorce rates in America is it because we now just no longer want to use the needed energy to make a relationship work, or do we realize we just don’t want to put up with the shit and move on?    I ask this because I myself am a 2 time divorcee 3 time bride.  My first husband was really satan in disguise.  He was brutal in his attacks, both physically and verbally.  To this day I still carry around the scars, scars on my body and in my mind.  Should have I stayed with him and tried to work it out?  HELL NO.  My second husband was his distant cousin.  Not quite the demon Satan himself is but ruthless nonetheless.  I ended up having 2 children with this one, I stayed for 13 years trying to make it work.  It only got worse and worse.  Should I have continued to stay and tried to make it work so that he could continue to abuse me and our children?  HELL FUCKING NO.  I did what I had to do to survive and keep my children safe, I left and never looked back.

100 years ago women were taught that marriage was forever, no matter what the man did.  We were second class citizens even in our own homes, we were abused and beaten, raped and forced to stay and tolerate it, praying the next beating would never come or wouldn’t be as bad.  Now I’m not saying ALL men were like this, but it is a fact that women were thought of as property to men.  It wasn’t like Charles and Caroline Ingalls, where he’d do anything and everything for her and never ever did wrong by her.  Times they have changed and divorce is no longer a “bad” word.  I will admit that divorse is wildly overused and glorified in Hollywood so please don’t feel the need to tell me how everyone in the world is divorcing at the drop of a hat.  I’m just simply stating that it is a good thing that divorce has become easier so that women and men who are being abused no longer have to stay and learn to live with it or die by it.  I think maybe, just maybe if they instituted a marriage counseling period where couples had to attend a certain amount classes over a certain amount of time before they were allowed to marry people would find sooner that they aren’t compatible and wouldn’t marry causing a sharp decline in divorce.  But if that happened, what on earth would that Kardashian chick do for press?

The fact is America is a “instant gratification” country, we always have been and always will be and it’s only going to get worse.  Soon we will be able to divorce as quickly as they can in Mexico.  That should really help Las Vegas out, I can see it now.. “WEDDING CHAPEL, WITH DIVORCES AVAILABLE AROUND BACK”!  They’d double their profit margin in a matter of days!  Think of it, Elvis can marry you and Eliabeth Taylor can divorce you.. . hahahahaha…


I now pronounce you divorced, now get the diamonds honey!




7 thoughts on “If it’s broken.. don’t fix it, divorce it!

  1. I agree. It is good that divorce is made easier so those who are in abusive relationships can get out more easily and are not forced to stay. The down side is because it is so easy, everyone (those who are good people that don’t abuse each other) looks at it as a solution to their problems instead of counseling or talking to each other and working it out.

  2. Lol, Elvis can marry you and Elizabeth Taylor can divorce you. So funny. But yeah, I can see why you say that. (And I’m sorry you had to experience that in your past. 😦 ) But I also agree with previous commenter, that some people who are NOT in abusive relationships would just use that as an excuse and be too quick to divorce without trying. It could go either way. Realistically, people just need to stop rushing into marriage, there’s no point. It’s not like the old days. 😉

  3. In order to get divorced one has to have a partner willing to get married in the first place. And as more men are becoming wise to the self centered ways of the average female more and more men are becoming unwilling to take the risk of being compromised and destroyed financially by marriage.

    Hence the growing movement in Japan and America of men going their own way instead of signing up as marital {financial} slaves to the princess class. Indeed so many men are now actively avoiding marriage that social conservatives and feminists have taken to using shaming language in an attempt to lure these men into marriage against their better instincts.

    In the 90’s right after Italy embraced feminism by passing a law forcing married men to create social security saving accounts for their wives demanded by the feminists. Both the marriage rate fell as men began living at home until their forties and the birth rate to well below replacement level.

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