Motley Crue, the best band ever!

Growing up in the 1980’s I of course am a “Hair band” junkie.  I couldn’t get enough of those wild boys of Rock N Roll.  My favorite of course was and is and will always be Motley Crue!  Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy flew into my life at the ripe old age of 11 when I heard a song off their self debuted album titled “Too Fast for Love”.  I was instantly hooked and had no clue of just how addicted I would later become to them.  At the time of their rise to fame I was still very young and was in love with Prince, so this new kind of music was so different for me.  It did something to me, something magical.  I felt it deep inside my heart, it coursed through my veins, it made me feel alive.  Yeah yeah, I know I was only 11, but hey it’s how I felt I just didn’t know that’s what it was…lol..

Their follow up album “Shout at the Devil” came out in 1983 and caused quite the controversy, which of course just fueled my desire for them. Yeah, I was a rebel, a wild child, (just don’t tell my mom)!  I wanted so badly to see them in concert but there was no way in hell my mother was going to let me go alone (meaning without one of my siblings, not just some random older people) and I didn’t want to go with my sister Jodi, she was a freaking stick in the mud.  Instead I followed them through the teen beat magazines and rock magazines and caught their videos on MTV.  SURPRISE, yes MTV actually played video’s back then, it’s shocking I know.

They were every parents nightmare, every teen girls dream

The band hit a hard time in 1984 when a very intoxicated Vince Neil got behind the wheel of his corvette and ended up killing one of his best friends, fellow rocker Razzle from the band Hanoi Rocks.  Vince was seriously injured and spent several days in the hospital.  I cried for days, literally days not knowing if the man I loved was going to live.  Don’t laugh, you all know I have a thing for blondes and he was my first blonde love!  He set the bar high for everyone else, I mean look at him.. talented, sexy as hell, can sing, rich as all get out.. what’s not to love?  Vince ended up spending 30 days in jail and paid a $2.1 million dollar fine but got away with vehicular manslaughter.  To this day he will tell you that he should have been sent to prison for his crime and knows he got away with it simply because of his fame and money.

The next album is truly the one that shot this 4some into superstardom.  It was “Theater of Pain” and it came out in 1985. It was dedicated in honor of Vince’s friend Razzle and “Home Sweet Home” was their break through song and to this day is considered the first ever heavy metal ballad song.  Girls went nuts for it, for them to include yours truly.  I still was too young to see this band but my time was coming.  I prayed they would survive all the drug use to live long enough so that I could actually see them live!  This album became famous world wide and for good reason, I mean really have you listened to it lately?  It still rocks.  In fact, wait a minute while I go put it on so I can listen to them while writing this.

I still want this tattoo

Miss me, okay I’m back now relax.  So the next couple of years were a partying blur for the boys.  Touring the world, doing all the drugs they could ingest, sex with women everywhere, they were living the rock-n-roll dream.  Until 1986, on Valentines day in London when Nikki Sixx overdosed at his dealers house.  Instead of getting him medical attention the dealer decided to try to beat the life back into Nikki and ended up throwing his body in a trash can where he later regained consciousness.  This however did not deter the guitar god from doing any more drugs.  Exactly one year later Nikki overdosed again on Heroin and was declared dead for 2 full minutes.  The paramedic on call recognized who he was and decided no one was going to die in his ambulance and gave Nikki a shot of adrenaline straight into his heart which was what brought him back to life. Nikki awoke and pulled the tubes out of his nose and arms and ran out of the hospital into the parking lot where he found 2 female fans that gave him a ride home where he proceeded to shoot up again and passed out on the bathroom floor.  He awoke the next morning to find the needle still dangling in his arm.

In 1987 the boys came out with “Girls Girls Girls” and oh dear lord help me, did they look freaking amazing or what???!!!!  AND GUESS WHAT????  You guessed it, I was old enough to go.  The Gods above smiled on me and I got to go to their show in November of that year.  A hardly known band named “Guns and Roses” was their opening act and I will say even though I am a fan of GNR, they royally sucked in concert!  Axel Rose was horrible, off key, drunk as hell, but hey I guess that’s what rock-n-roll is all about huh?  I went to this concert with a couple of friends of mine and we had a freaking amazing time.  We were on the floor and close enough to see the sweat on their foreheads. Vince Neil hit all the right notes, Mick and Nikki let their talented fingers play those amazing guitars blowing us all away.  Tommy could not be out done on his drum solo, which blew me away.  His cage lifted off the ground and it was at least 45 minutes long, which was unheard of back then.  After I got home I couldn’t hear for days, but I didn’t care.

Just keeps getting better with age..

After that album the boys all entered rehab and got clean and sober before they released their next album titled appropriately “Dr. Feelgood” which came out in 1989, on which Nikki wrote the song “Kickstart my heart” in reference to his death and return to life.  I had the good fortune of seeing this concert 2times that year, once in Orlando on January 20 and again in AtlantaGeorgia on January 25.  The January 25 show had me lucky enough to have back stage passes and I got to meet the band.  The man I was dating at the time knew a guy who knew a guy who got us the passes and the unthinkable happened.  We get backstage, I’m almost in tears I’m so excited.  My skin feels like it’s on fire and I had to have been plugged in somewhere because my heart was racing.  I first met Mick, who was nice enough to shake my hand and asked how I liked the show.  I told him it was AMAZING and couldn’t believe I was talking to him.  I got pictures with him before he left to move on to the next groupie.  I then met Tommy who was in a hurry and didn’t really spend but 20 seconds with us.  I think he had to pee, at least this is what I tell myself to feel better and not recognize that I was just not attractive enough for him to waste his time  Next was Vince and Nikki who came over together.  Now I think here I need to remind all of you that I WAS IN LOVE WITH VINCE NEIL, and had a crush on Nikki too.  Oh yeah, I cried when he died and came back too.  So their we stand, my Vince (the guy I was dating) standing beside me, literally holding me up as my knee’s were as weak as cooked noodles, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx standing in front of me smiling, both holding red solo cups of something (now they were sober at this point so it was probably Evian water) and both talking to us.  Vince Neil shakes my hand and asks me my name…. NOTHING.. NOTHING CAME OUT OF MY DAMN MOUTH!!!  For the first time in my life I was speechless.  I couldn’t talk.  I couldn’t breath.  I cried without sound, lol.  My Vince busted out laughing and said “Well damn… you figured out how to make her quite” to which they all laughed.  My Vince knowing me as well as he did asked the guys if we could get our pictures with them and they said yes they’d love too.  2 pictures with me in the middle of Vince and Nikki w/ my Vince on the side!  I’m smiling from ear to ear, my big ol 80’s hair tease up, dark eye shadow, tight acid washed jeans and my souvenir Crue Shirt from the previous concert.  It was a perfect picture, and ya know I don’t think my feet were touching the ground in that picture.  Nikki kissed my cheek and the boys walked away laughing to the next group of fans.  I started crying even more.  Vince asked me what was wrong and I said “I met them, and couldn’t talk.. I’m such a loser”.. to which he laughed and said “Your not a loser, your star struck and it happens more then you think”.  We left the show and enjoyed our weekend thoroughly.

It was after this album that the boys kinda hit a hard time and rumors started flying.  Vince Neil will say he was fired, however the other members say he quit.  Whichever is the truth will probably never be known, all I know is I was devastated.  My love for the band was still there however I was truly hurt that they abandoned their fans like that.  How could they?  To this day I’ve never loved a band the same way.  I still love my boys, still listen to their music both old and new, and still think that no band has ever come close to what they managed to do.  They will forever hold a place in my heart as my first true love of music and memories of my youth.  The following pictures are just some of what I use to have, unfortunately my first husband thought he’d teach me a lesson about disobeying him and destroyed several of my memorabilia books and photo’s I had of them.  I managed to save one book and my hat and flag but that’s it.  I would like to meet the boys again, and hopefully this time talk to them, thank them for their music and show’s I was lucky enough to see.  They were recently here in concert in DC with Kiss and I would have loved to have seen them but the money just wasn’t there for it.  It’s not like back then when tickets were $18.

My only remaining scrap book


7 thoughts on “Motley Crue, the best band ever!

  1. Awesome post and yes they are an awesome band. I wish we could have saw them and Kiss in concert too. One day hopefully we will.

  2. Ummm, sorry but the first pic you posted is NOT Motley Crue!! Did you ever hear of Cinderella?!?!?? Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone? That’s Cinderella.

    • Yes I do know who Cinderella is.. I saw them many times in concert too.. that particular picture was for the caption… ya know..80’s music… what I was talking about in the first paragraph. I never said the first picture was Motley Crue!!!!!!

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