Strong is the only choice



How true is the saying on this picture?  How many times in my life have I surprised myself by getting up and facing the next day?  Too many to count.  I’ve managed to survive a rape, not 1 but 2 abusive husbands, 4 miscarriages and the loss of both parents and several very close loved ones.  There have been many many times I’ve wanted to just lay down and slowly fade into the nothingness that I desperately longed for, but I couldn’t.  No one can.  We have to get up until the day we can’t anymore.  It’s not our job to say when we’ve had enough and want it to stop.  It’s only our job to get up and get going and do what we have to do.

Today I stand here with a heavy mind and a healing heart but I am thankful that I am strong enough that I know I will survive it all.  I have been beaten but it’s only made me stronger.


3 thoughts on “Strong is the only choice

    • Sometimes I find myself reaching a breaking point and crying and I won’t even realize it but I’m chanting “I am strong”…but you are right.. that which doesn’t kill us.. 🙂

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