OOOOooo that smell… Can’t you smell that smell..

I think I have mentioned before that I am the only female where I work; it’s a CDL training school so the students who attend are outside for about 80% of the time in the heat, snow, and rain.  Now imagine all of these men (most of them grossly out of shape) standing around in the hot summer heat, sitting in the hot tractor trailers with no air conditioning.  See where I’m going with this?  The body odor can get to be a little overwhelming sometimes.  I have a candle that I burn, a vanilla body spray that I will spray when needed, a fan to blow the smell in the other direction, anything to try to help.  Luckily where I work I can do these things, or even get up and go outside for some fresh air, but yesterday I wasn’t so lucky.  My husband and I went over to the Pentagon City Mall (which is awesome, you should Google it) and to get there the easiest way we have to take the metro to it.  The train takes you right to the underground stop for it where you simply walk upstairs and straight into the mall, very convenient.  We boarded the train to come home (after a lengthy wait because of some maintenance) and OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE!!!  How does anyone get to smell so badly and not notice?  Or not care?  If I work out I’m in the shower 5 minutes after I get home to wash the stink off.  I use deodorant, body spray or perfume depending on if it’s day or night and if I’m going to work or out, plus I shower every single day and use soap!


My question is, how does one get to a point in their lives that they just completely give up?  That they can walk around smelling of rotting onions and sweat and sometimes even feces as if they didn’t even bother to wipe when they were done.  I just don’t get it.  I am so terrified of body odor (especially after being a big girl and sweating a lot) that I will do just about anything to not smell.  I’ve been known to shower twice in one day.  Now I’m not talking about people who may be homeless and have absolutely no money or no place to shower, I’m talking about people who get up and get dressed and go out into society on a regular basis but just don’t care if they offend the nostrils of those around them.  I pray I never ever get  to that point in life.


7 thoughts on “OOOOooo that smell… Can’t you smell that smell..

  1. I’ve experience this many times riding on one of our public transportation buses. You’re in such a confined space there’s not much you can do, unfortunately. Like you, I do wonder how a mind works in someone who no longer cares… Jane

  2. There are many medical conditions that cause body odor. Many of these problems go undiagnosed as the doctors think it is all in their heads. Many of these smelly people consider suicide because of their turmoil.

    • And for those I’m truly sorry.. but I know where I work.. it’s not the cause.. most of these men that wreak of feces are the one’s who blow up the bathrooms.. don’t bother to flush the toilet.. and you know they aren’t washing their hands either… those are the one’s I meant..

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