Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There are some things I just don’t understand. Like the obsession with putting bacon on dessert or why everyone makes a big deal about the sex appeal of Michael Phelps. But the most recent trend that makes me want to slam my head into my desk is anal tattoos. As in, getting a tattoo on your holiest of holes. Not on your cheeks, not peeking out above your crack a la stamp de tramp, but on the actual anal opening. Vomit into my coffee mug a bit.

I am completely behind self expression, tattoos, and the occasional anal party. But I also love sex and animals, and I don’t ever think those two should be combined.

At a recent tattoo expo, a 22-year old Florida woman got an anal tattoo with not one but two men’s names on it. And, according to her, it feels “so good.” One, I would…

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