A few of my favorite things..

I think I’ll write a blog about a few of my favorite things… Nothing special, no high dollar Gucci purses or Vacation spots in St. Croix (although given the chance both of those things could easily become my favorite things).  No, these are things that I get to have and use in my everyday life.


The first thing is my Avon Natural’s Vanilla lotion and soap.  I love the smell of vanilla and Avon has captured it completely with these.  The shower gel is simply divine.  It leaves your skin so soft and smelling deliciously yummy.  Follow up your shower with the body lotion and your smelling so good you want to eat yourself.


The next thing I love is also from Avon.  You see I tend to obsess on make up.  I love make up, I love buying it and trying new colors and brands.  The eye liner I have found that I love the most is Glimmer sticks by Avon.  They glide on so smoothly and look so great!  They have many many different colors.  My favorites are the blackest black and then the Glimmer Sticks Diamonds Sparkling Silver and Glimmersticks Chromes Ultra Violet.  I love these three.  You should try them but do yourself a favor, only order them when they are on sale!  Its better to pay $3.99 or even $2.99 if your really lucky rather then the $7.99 they normally are.  And if you catch it with no shipping and handling your doing even better.  If you don’t have an Avon rep use mine, Nekita Abrue.  She’s a single mom of 3, a cancer survivor and could really use the extra income.


The next thing I love is sourdough bread!  It’s my weakness, really.  We buy ours from a store called Wegmans, (which is the next thing I love).  Their bread is so good, especially the sourdough.  I throw a piece in the toaster, pop it out and add some butter and I’m in heaven!


The next thing is Wegmans, I already told you this though.  This grocery store is AMAZING!  They have everything you could possibly want and more.  They have an amazing produce department, and even more amazing deli/bakery/meat/seafood department.  They have a full restaurant in the middle of those departments plus several hot bars with all kinds of foods, a pizzeria that will make you this HUGE pizza for only $11.99 plus a sandwich shop and so much more.  I cannot not go into this store and spend less then $80, even if I’m only going in for 1 or 2 things.

This store is a trap.. you go in but can’t come out with any money left..


The next thing is pastries.  There’s just something about that delicate dough wrapped around some kind of sweet filling (I do love Panera’s cherry Danish).  My mom use to make the BEST cream puffs ever, oh how I miss them especially during the holiday season.




After my recent hospital stay the last thing I’m going to put on this list of my most favorite things is my fuzzy socks I got from JC Penny almost ten years ago.  I wear them when it’s really cold outside or when I’m just feeling really down and need to wrap myself up in something to feel loved.  When I put on my purple pair this time however, GASP, there was a hole in them.  I will have to find a new pair now.  Shopping trip !!!  Woohoo..

Love my socks


Now I could go on and on for this particular list as there are many things I love, however I will stop at these.  Maybe one day I’ll create a new list and add more to it, maybe around the holidays.  J


4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things..

  1. I’m not big on vanilla but I know you like it so I tolerate it. You do like your makeup though for someone who is one of the guys not sure what guys your talking about. Only guys who wear make up are those who require it for their jobs ie actors, musicians, etc or they are trannies/crossdressers. I do like Wegmans that is for sure and you in case you didn’t notice your socks don’t match.

    • you tolerate it??? Well by all means, don’t TOLERATE anything you don’t like.. I’m sure there are some out there that love the smell of vanilla.

      I’m a girlie girl who is one of the guys..

      And yes I know you like Wegmans

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