Day 15 – The Zombie Apocalypse

Check out my husband’s blog… he’s writing a Zombie Journal..

Seasons Of Insanity

I know it’s been a few days since I have written.  A lot has happened.  Had to kill my neighbor-turned-zombie before he broke down my door.  Then I had to throw his body down the stairs so he wouldn’t start stinking up the place and clean up all the blood.  Made a trip to the gun store.  Of course that meant going through the zoms hanging out at the bottom of the stairs.  I took my wife and we took them out pretty easy.  When they would trip up the stairs trying to get us we would just bash their heads in.  When we got to the gun store we pretty much cleaned the place out.  We loaded up the car with as many guns and as much ammo as we could fit in the car.  Took us about 8 or 9 trips up and down the stairs filling bags…

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