A letter from Heaven


Wednesday is my birthday and it’s one of those times of the year that I truly miss my mother so much it actually hurts to breath.  Every year of my life my mother would wake me up (when I still lived at home) or call me at 6:20am on my birthday to sing Happy Birthday to me.  If you can’t guess, I was born at 6:20am.  In 2000, the year of her death I cried so hard on my birthday when that phone didn’t ring that morning that I almost passed out.  I cried for hours that day.  Here it is, 12 years later and guess what?  The pain is still there.  I still wait for the phone to ring at 6:20 but it doesn’t.   I have had loved one’s decide to call me at that time to make me feel better, but it doesn’t work.  Their intentions are good, but to me that is my mom’s place to call, no one elses.  So here I sit, dreading the day because I know there isn’t a phone in Heaven and there won’t be a call made Wednesday morning.  I love you mom… and God know’s how much I miss you.


10 thoughts on “A letter from Heaven

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry that you have to feel that pain. Maybe you could try to create a new tradition with your daughter on your birthday. I know it’s not the same but it would be a way to honor your mother in showing her what a wonderful mother you turned out to be because of her.

  2. I read your post, it made me so very sad for you! You were blessed that your mother loved so much, my mother had other children in her life to love…….so, if we, the readers, could phone you at the appropriate time, it might take away some of your sorrow.

  3. I was lucky as well and when I read your note it made me cry. I spoke with my mother every evening at the same exact time 7:00…she was my best friend and I deeply miss her. My birthday is 12/16 and she never baked a cookie or decorated our house until after my birthday she made that day very very speical for me. It has been 2 years now and I still pick up the pone and want to call her at 7:00pm. The love a a mother for me was the best thing I had!

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