the jokster started young!!


I remember when I was a kid, not sure how old but under 10 I do believe, my mom threw some kind of a party that sold this exact wine bottle.  Your suppose to put ice in the chamber to keep the wine cold without watering it down.  Now I was the frog girl back then, I loved frogs and still do.  (I use to catch them in our back yard with my kids and loved it.  I really miss that).  We use to get those really cool looking bright green tree frogs in our bathroom and mom was terrified of them.  Everytime we’d get one she’d start screaming for me to come catch it and get it outside.  She’d get the shivers and “freak out” a little when I’d have it in my hands, lol.  Well this night I decided to play a prank on her and her guest.  I had caught one of those cute little frogs and slipped it in the chamber.  No one noticed it at first because the bottle was filled with red wine.  I sat and patiently waited for the screams.  It seemed like time froze until I heard it, “BRAT!!!! GET IN HERE”… all I could do was laugh.  The guest thought it was funny, mom not so much at first, but she got on board and giggled about it.  She made me get the frog out and told me to get in bed where she came in and kissed my head and called me a brat.  I knew she loved me.


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