I smell sex and CHOCOLATE..

What exactly is it about Chocolate that makes it so good?  Why does it make everything taste better?   I had this conversation the other day with my husband about how it does indeed make EVERYTHING better  but he didn’t agree with me, he said that yes Chocolate was good but it was fine by itself and didn’t always make things better.  How can he think that?   I mean really, this little bean can turn pretty much anything into a delight.  They make Chocolate covered ants and crickets, and lets face it if those things weren’t covered in Chocolate I know damn well I’d never ever eat them.  Of course I won’t eat them anyways, even with all the Chocolate in the world on it, (some things really aren’t better with chocolate I guess. LOL)

Just pour it directly into my mouth please

Chocolate has so many wonderful components; it’s hard to find a place to start.  Oh wait, no it’s not.   Chocolate releases a chemical in the brain that is the same as having sex.   Chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, which are scientifically proven to be mood-lifting hormones that are found naturally in the human brain.  So the next time a woman says “Chocolate to me is as good as sex”, men, she means it!  Maybe if your woman has said that you should up the game in the bedroom, in fact add some chocolate body paint to the romp.  Nothing like a chocolate covered orgasm!  Just thinking about it is turning me on.

Here.. let me lick that off your fingers…

Another beneficiary of chocolate is they have found a daily dose of dark chocolate is good for your blood pressure and can help in keeping it lowered.  Of course as with anything it is in moderation only, but still, if it’s gonna help my heart then I say GOD BLESS CHOCOLATE!

Your heart will thank you for the chocolate

Chocolate can just make a bad day good, a good day better and a great day awesome!  And like I was saying earlier, you can add chocolate to just about anything and it makes it better.  Chocolate and peanut butter (classic), chocolate and fruit (preferably strawberries but damn.. it goes on anything), chocolate covered nuts are simply amazing, chocolate in dinner, well sure, why not?  Don’t believe me, check this out.  http://www.recipe.com/saucy-chicken-with-garbanzo-beans/.

So for me, for today, since it is my birthday and all I’m going to eat CHOCOLATE.  I’m going to have some dark chocolate covered walnuts when I get home (I eat a couple of them everyday) and I think my husband is going to be baking me a chocolate cake so I’ll have a bite or two of it.  And if I’m really lucky he’ll bring some of that cake into the bedroom with us later.

gives the saying “Hungry eyes” a whole new meaning.. lol

Have a happy chocolate filled day my friends.


15 thoughts on “I smell sex and CHOCOLATE..

  1. Dip his wick in chocolate and then clean it off with your mouth…even women who hate doing that particular act (I’m not one of them) will agree this becomes bearable thanks to the chocolate. 😉

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