Hmm.. I wonder what I can tattoo next.. oh why not my___

Here in America I realize we are the land of excess.  We walk around with this feeling of entitlement to anything and everything and we want instant gratification on everything, even our food.  Honestly, how many times have you had to wait 1 or 2 minutes at a drive through and gotten mad because those 2 minutes was too long?  Uh huh, your guilty as charged, I know because we all are.



This country will sink its greedy teeth into something and decide that it is the hottest new whatever and everyone must have it.  Once something has become “trendy” it’s a free for all on that item.    Think of Christmas toys in the past that were trendy and the world went nuts for them.  The Tickle me Elmo craze a few years back, or better yet the Cabbage Patch Dolls back in the 80’s.  Once someone somewhere says “hey this new trend is trendy” it’s all over, everyone has to have it, gets it and then suddenly those things aren’t so special anymore.


If your wondering where I’m going with this.. I’ll tell you my friends.  For as long as I can remember I wanted a tattoo.  Even as a small child I loved looking at them and couldn’t wait to get one.  My mother, God rest her soul often told me she would disown me if I got one (even though I knew she wouldn’t) I respected her and did not get one, until she passed away.  HEY NOW.. DON’T JUDGE ME JUST BECAUSE I SIN DIFFERENTLY THEN besides, what she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt me.  So I got my first tattoo at 30 years old, the year after her death.  It’s nothing super special or have great meaning, it’s butterflies.  I got it because I liked it, I loved the colors and the design and I’ve always loved butterflies.  As the years have gone on I’ve gotten 4 more on various parts of my body.  All of them are small but sweet.  I’ve noticed how they started becoming more and more accepted in the work world, which is awesome by the way, but I’ve also noticed that everyone has one now.  I mean everyone.  You even see little old ladies sporting ink tramp stamps, it’s so strange to see.  But today my friends I saw something that just pushed it too far for me.  I had to stop and take a picture, and post it on Facebook, and write a quick blog about it.  You know we’ve taken it too far when you go into Walmart (yes, insert joke here) and see the following……

For those who have run out of places on their body to tattoo..


3 thoughts on “Hmm.. I wonder what I can tattoo next.. oh why not my___

  1. Hmmmm, your mother said she would disown you if you got a tattoo so you waited till she passed because in your words “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt you.” Now she also said she didn’t want you to watch the exorcist and now that she has passed, I’m thinking “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt you.”

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