No Respect

My poor husband deals with so much more then I would..or hope to ever have too.

Seasons Of Insanity

As a man, I can say men are pigs.  It astonishes me how little respect some men have for women or even their husbands if they are married.  Not to mention, being someone who has been in a position of influence, I truly don’t understand this mentality that a lot of people in that position get what is called “The good ole boy syndrome.”

Now, you may be asking yourself what is the point to my rambling, well let me tell you.  I have a pretty gorgeous wife.  She is very sexy and I know men check her out, more men then I like even try to pick her up, some even so bold as to try to give her “that look” while I’m standing right there.  But you know, every now and then looks are one thing, constantly sexually harassing my wife is another and frankly I’m getting sick…

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