To Taboo for you

When I was a teenager I decided it would be a great idea if I dabbled in the dark arts for awhile, ya know because that’s always a good thing for someone who is a “sensitive” to do, NOT!  I didn’t realize that back then though, but thankfully my mother did, at least I hope it was her.  Anyways I decided to buy some Tarot Cards and a Ouija board.  I studied the cards and researched how they worked and tried to remember everything I could about them.  My mother found them and asked what I was doing with them and I told her I was interested in how they worked and wanted to learn and that I wanted to get a Ouija board too (I was a bit nervous about telling her I had already bought one just by the way she asked about the cards and i’m glad I didn’t).  “THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL YOU WILL HAVE A OUIJA BOARD IN MY HOUSE YOUNG LADY, DO YOU HEAR ME?” was her response.  “Yes ma’am” I said as I prayed she wouldn’t search my room.  I didn’t understand why she didn’t want me to have one, I mean really Hasboro mass produced it so how dangerous could they be really?

I took my Ouija board and cards with me everywhere I went.  To my friend Lisa’s house for a Seance, to my boyfriend Vince’s house to try to contact our friend Gregg, and even dared to pull it out at home when my friends were over.  My bestie Nikki almost had a heartattack after we played around with it, and to this day she will not touch another one.  To calm her nerves I took my cross that I wore and placed it in some water and blessed the water to make it Holy so we could bless ourselves and the room.  LOL sorry, that just made me giggle thinking about it.  One night I even used it with my goody toe shoe’s sister Jodi (who is probably the one who told my mom I had it).  She tried to ask the spirits if I was a Virgin, damn nosey witch!  I pushed it to the “yes”, HAHAHAHA.


So one day I came home and decided I would try to use it by myself again.  I had tried a few times but nothing ever happened and I was determined to make it work this time.  I looked under my bed where I kept it and… it was not there.  Shit!  I checked the closet, the dresser drawers, my car… DAMN IT.  Where the hell was it?  I looked for that thing everywhere, I called all my friends to see if I had left it over at their house but nope.. no one knew where it was.  I so badly wanted to ask my mom if she threw it away but I couldn’t because then I’d be admitting I had the durn thing to begin with.  I managed to find my cards and didn’t lose them until 5 or 6 years later, but I never did find out what happened to that Ouija board.  I guess my mom threw it away, or Jodi did, or maybe it was a spirit…….


12 thoughts on “To Taboo for you

  1. Okay you never told me about paragraph 2. The rest you did. You really need to read the book I’m reading now. It’s really good and the teen girl had a sleepover and they used it and of course the ghost haunting the house replied. I won’t give away anymore.

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