Rear Window


So I’m sitting here watching Rear Window with James Steward (the original and best, sorry Shia) and  it’s got me to wondering… who is the worst criminal here?  The guy who murdered his wife or the guy who is a damn peeping Tom spying on everyone in his apartment complex and then gets his girlfriend in trouble because of his spying?  He’s watching the newly married couple who the wife can’t get enough of the husband, the dancers, the lonely hearts  lady who just wanted love, the piano player.. damn pervert!  It makes you wonder why these damn people left their window’s wide open all day everyday.  I’m sure this happens today, but I think we’ve become a more private people and we at least close our blinds, at least at night!


5 thoughts on “Rear Window

  1. They left their windows open to be watched… Lots of exhibitionists out there…I should know. They just “pretend” they didn’t realize they had a voyeur. The sun would’ve reflected off those lenses at least a couple times to clue them in that someone was watching… 😉 and as for criminal…one did permanent, irrevocable bodily harm…the other one was just nosy.

    Loved Jimmy Stewart…

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