My cool new night light

Today I finally got to do a craft I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of weeks.  Well, not quite the one I wanted to, but I don’t have a drill bit to cut a hole in glass so I substituted a pre-made craft box for a wine bottle.  (I will be doing the wine bottle soon as I’ve already started it).  Anyways it’s really simple and turns out really pretty.  Buy yourself several bags of the glass bobbles (color of your choice) and get your glue gun hot and ready.

start gluing the bobbles on, now rhyme or reason to them

Glue them on the tops and sides (you could do the bottoms if you want but seems like a waste to me).

The finished product.


When you’ve got all the spots covered simple push your 35 string lights into the already carved out hole in the back and plug in!  I used white lights.  My next one is going to be for my daughter and son, her’s will be purple and pink and his will be red and black if I can find them.


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