A vote for McRomney is a vote for America

Please Vote for Me

Please Vote for Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So tonight while sitting at the dinner table my son pipes up and says… “Mom, did you hear about McRomney’s plane having to make an emergency landing?”  Of course I’m thinking, surely I misheard him.  So I ask “What?”  He goes “Yeah, McRomney’s plane was filling up with smoke in the cabin so they had to land quickly”.  Now my mind is laughing hysterically because it has already figured out what he was trying to say so I figured I’d play with him a little bit. I look at him and ask “Who” and he’s getting his “omg she’s so stupid” look on his know it all teenage face and says “YOU KNOW MOM, THE GUY VOTING FOR PRESIDENT’.. yes, his words.. I wouldn’t lie about something that reflects badly on myself ya know.  So I reply “I know who your talking about.. what are you calling him?  What is his first name”… he laughs realizing he must be saying it wrong and goes “I don’t know his first name”.. I say, “What’s his last name?”  He says “McRomney”.. I say “Are you saying Mc like McDonalds?”  He says “YES.. MCROMNEY.. THE GUY YOU WANNA VOTE FOR FOR PRESIDENT”….





So yes America… Vote for McRomney in November.. maybe he’ll give us all a Big Mac and Fries if you do… Oh the pride on my face…Oy Vey!  LOL


2 thoughts on “A vote for McRomney is a vote for America

  1. I’m sure you corrected him on his name, but did you let him know that even though he will vote for himself, he’s running for president not voting for president?

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