My first movie review..

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So my husband has a little addiction, okay he has several but one of them is to  There have been times when he would be “expecting” a package to be delivered everyday for a couple of weeks straight.  I finally had to put my foot down on the constant buying, even though he justified it as “I only spent a couple of dollars on it”.  Okay, but multiply that couple of dollars times 40 plus S&H and you’ve blown through a 100 bucks.  NO BUENO MI AMIGO.  And yes honey, before you even go there I know I spend money too at the dollar tree or dollar general but not EVERYDAY.. and you get mad at me because I will talk myself out of buying small priced items all the time!

Now anyways, back to my original point of this entire blog.  He bought a movie off of Amazon that had the reviews as raving for it.  It is called “The Dreamers”  It was listed as an erotic thriller.  In fact, here is a review from the site..

“…this film is (for the lack of a better word) a dream–a dream you would not willingly want to wake up from. Completely and utterly mesmerizing, “The Dreamers” pays homage to film, Paris, the 60’s, and love. Apart from some of the awkward moments this movie tends to present sporadically, the movie itself was not mired by the abnormalities of some of the main characters. Though, this movie is one of the greatest I’ve ever viewed, it is not for everyone and cannot be readily recommended without reviewing some of the pros and cons I caught.”

One of the greatest I’ve ever viewed?  WTH MOVIE DID THIS PERSON SEE because it wasn’t this one.

This movie is about a young American man who is studying in Paris in the late 1960’s.  He’s a complete movie buff and is always at theater.  He loves the old movies and ends up becoming friends with a beautiful young girl and her brother.  The time is during the riots of Paris in 1968.  In the beginning it shows the American going to the theater several times and he’s discussing how he a movie ambassador or some term he called himself.  Honestly my ADD kicked in with all the talking he was doing and I kinda tuned him out.  Anyways, he meets this beautiful young woman who is protesting and has herself chained to the now closed beloved theater that he went too all the time.  She tells him about her brother and soon after the equally good looking brother shows up so do the police and they run off together.  That night the American goes to his hotel he’s residing at and proceeds to sit down to write his mother a letter to tell her that’s he’s made 2 new friends and it show’s him apparently jacking off while he writes the letter to his mom.. very strange if you ask me.  Oh, and before he does that it show’s him peeing in the sink… yes, the sink.  So already I’m thinking, weirdo.

Now the next morning the guy is awoken by the phone and it’s the new guy friend.  They get together, spend the day together and he goes to their house to have dinner where he meets the parents.  He ends up invited to stay the night.  He wakes up during the middle of the night to pee and guess what…yup, he pee’s in the sink again, only this time he drops a toothbrush in the sink while he’s peeing.  After he leaves there he opens this door that is already partially open and he finds the brother and sister laying in the bed together naked.  That right there would have sent me out the door, but he just goes back to bed.  Next morning the girl wakes him up and re-creates a scene from an old movie.  He guesses the right movie and they are excited.  The brother and sister who are movie buffs too have found their 3rd!  They decide to run through the museum and try to beat the record from this old movie, they do, they are excited again.  They feel like they’ve found their missing link or something.. I don’t know.. I’m still trying to figure out why he’s peeing in the damn sink!  Now during all these times while at their apartment they are naked all the time in front of him and he’s shy about that, but he gets over that quickly.

Now they are all in the room together and decide to play a game, the brother has to tell the sister what movie scene she is acting out.  Brother doesn’t get it, so now he has to do what the sister tells him.  She tells him to masturbate to a picture on the wall.  He does, American boy watching in disbelief.  Strange enough right, nope.  After everyone else leaves the room she goes over to the picture and wipes the semen off the wall.   Trust me when I tell you it only gets stranger.  I’m not going to give the ending as I actually fell asleep, but my husband told me what happened and I didn’t like the ending either.  There’s several more strange sex scenes related to the movies they love, attempted suicide/murders and riots.  It sounds like it should be good, but it’s not.  I give it a 1/2 star and thats only because there is full frontal nudity in the males and female.



5 thoughts on “My first movie review..

  1. LOL……I thought the premise of the story was actually good. It was unique, just not executed well. Just for that I would give it 1 star. Yes over all it was weird and in boring in spots but it had shock value as well in spots which I like so for the shock value alone I give it 1/2 star. Then there is the full frontal nudity and the sex. That alone for any movie for me automatically gets 2 stars no matter how horrible the movie is. So tallying that all up I have to give it 3 1/2 stars.

  2. well your demented anyways… I can’t get over the peeing in the sink.. or the deflowering scene only to smear the blood all over her face… ewww… smearing the semen all over the wall with her hand.. wtf.. that was her brothers cum!!!!! Just the thought makes me wanna go shower, with bleach..

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