Seriously.. worst movie ever

AB010 Camel Spider

AB010 Camel Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So last night I was surfing through the TV trying desperately to find something to watch.  It was not a good night for TV.  I ended up on SyFy, which use to be a pretty rocking station.  Not so much anymore.  I came across a movie called “Camel Spider“.  Now I’ve seen pictures of Camel Spiders online and know how gross they look so I thought, ooo this might be cool.  The movie starred Brian Krause (who play Leo on Charmed) and C Thomas Howell.  If I were either of these actors I would make IMBd take this movie off my credits.

Brian Krause

Brian Krause (Photo credit: BDCLondon Photography)


Lets start with the filming.  What can I say, how can I describe the craptacular special effects?  The horrible shots and filming angles?  I just don’t think they are words for it.  The spider scenes are so bad they had me laughing.  You could tell they were digitally inserted but the spiders weren’t even touching the ground.  In one scene there is a hiker who is taking a piss on a rock, he looks up and see’s the spider so he quickly turns and of course there is another spider and it jumps on the crotch area..OMG I was cracking up.. In another scene Brian and a female actress are driving down the road, the mountains in the background scenery were so bad it almost looked like someone was holding up a picture on the outside of the truck window.  Truly bad.  I mean, porno’s have better filming and scenery and special effects then this movie did.  My kids could make a better film!  Give my 9 yr old some crayons and she’d do a better job.

Coloring cars is great! This orange Lamborghin...

This is better then what the movie did.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now lets move on to the acting.  Picture your 5 year old in a school play full of other 5 and 6 year olds who can’t remember their lines, or remember their timing, or are standing around picking their noses, getting the wedgies out of their butts or crying wanting their mommy because they are scared on the stage.. they would be better then the acting on this show.


The good thing I can say about this movie is it was so bad it was hysterical!  The only way I would have laughed any harder at this movie would be if I had had some herbal help!   So it gets 1 thumb down for being so bad and 1 thumb up for being so bad it was funny.


10 thoughts on “Seriously.. worst movie ever

  1. I think the worst movie ever was that movie we rented I think called Alcatras about the people who went to Alcatras to for a ghost hunting expedition. We ended up turning the movie off after 20 mins. You know me I always finish a movie so for me not to finish this one meant it was really bad.

  2. OMG–worst movie ever? Have neither of you seen “Piranha 3DD”? It’s about girls with big boobs getting eaten by sharks, all of it in 3D. Which means not only are the sharks surging out of the screen at you, but the boobs are, too. Still available at Red Box, I think . . .

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